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My macbook was stolen and I just got a new one. The Time Machine Feature allowed me to put everything onto my new mac and my Logic Pro seems to be installed. When I try to open it, a prompt asks me for a serial number. I have entered the part number from my receipt and every number listed on the barcode sticker on the small box containing my Logic discs, but each gets an invalid number response. I`m out of the U.S. right now and the huge box that the discs and manuals came in is back home. Is that the place I could find the serial number? Is there any way to get the serial number using other identification that I have, my .mac account, purchase receipt, etc?

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    Assuming you bought it from apple; just call them and explain. I had a similar problem with license keys except that my CDs simply never came in the post even though my imac came pre-installed and I had ordered it as part of a bundle - in my case it was Logic Express. I called Apple, they took some details, and within about 30 minutes I had one of their support guys email me my license key.

    I was very impressed, no fuss, nothing. Eventually 3 weeks overdue the CDs turned up - can't necessarily blame apple for that as the rest of what I ordered arrived a week early.
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    The code that you need is in the inside cover of the "Installation" guide. You just call home and ask someone to find your stuff and then to look for the number in it. It will look sort of like this:

    A-NNN-AAA-NNN-AAA-NNN-AAA-NNN-AAA-LLN-LLLL (L = letter, N - number)

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!!!

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    mmm, have a similar problem... I have bought the upgrade from LE7 to 8 and it needs my LE7 serial number to install...

    I can't find my boxes (I don't normally throw things like this away but they are nowhere) and the serial number on the software (also to be found in a document called Logic Express 7 Magic "KEY" in the LE7 folder), does not work.

    I will call Apple or am I missing something?

    The form of my no. is