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Hey, I am going to be in the UK this entire summer and I can't live without my Iphone in the United states. I use it all the time. For email, text, etc. Is there a way I can switch out the sim card in my United states and use a O2 UK iphone sim card to use it when I am in the UK? There is no way I can use my iphone in the UK on AT&T. The international charges are highway robbery- so I'm practically banned from using my iphone in the UK. Does anyone here have any advice to to see how I can use my US Iphone in the UK?

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    Sounds to me like the only way around this is to unlock your iPhone.
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    Unfortunately I believe that is not possible, however as a number of other people have suggested when travelling. Why not pick up a cheap pay and go mobile. All our operators do cheap handset with pay and go sim cards.

    Then use your iPhone just on WiFi networks, we have plenty here, some you have to pay for but if you are in a city your bound to stumble across unsecured wireless networks. You could even subscribe to The Cloud for a small fee whilst here and use it at any macdonalds, a large number of pubs etc...
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    Use a pay as you go sim card. I have heard you can unlock your phone from 3rd parties. Do a google search. Failing that buy a cheap UK pre pay phone. They cost from £10 up