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As of 10.5.2 my MBP no longer works correctly in closed lid mode using a hardware
setup that previously worked flawlessly. After plugging in power and video, plugging
in the USB keyboard seems to wake the system, but no video. I then must open the
lid, unplug the USB and video and try to get the system to respond. I often must cycle
the power to reset the system--very disturbing to do that.

Also as of 10.5.2, I have had to power-cycle the machine when it has refused to wake
in open-lid mode and this weekend I the entire machine froze (no mouse movement,
no expose, etc) in the middle of work using a graphics-intensive program and I had
to reboot by cycling the power.

A friend also reported similar issue in which the system would not respond after the
screensaver became active.

Are others seeing problems like these? I am beginning to suspect that the post-10.5.2
graphics update has problems.

Mac Book Pro 2.2 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Here is my journey to try to correct this problem of not waking up from sleep after installing 10.5.2 [wasn't a problem before that]

    -reset the P-RAM" by holding down CMDOPTION+PR after pressing power switch [STILL SLEEP PROBLEMS]

    -repaired disk permissions [STILL SLEEP PROBLEMS]

    -added a test user to see if it was my user id that was the problem (apparently it isn't) [STILL SLEEP PROBLEMS]

    made -went through archive and install, which reverted my system to 10.5 [NO SLEEP PROBLEMS]

    ran all auto updates as of 3/5/08 [NO SLEEP PROBLEMS], however iChat stopped working a few days later [after installing "Leopard Graphics Update"]

    ran "erase and install" plus updates to 10.5.2- [NO SLEEP PROBLEMS]

    Installed "AirPort Utility" & "Leopard Graphics Update" (1.0) [SLEEP PROBLEMS]
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    I really do think something is wrong with the graphics update.

    By the way, a coworker told me that Apple says this is a known problem and you
    can avoid the issue by putting your machine to sleep using the Apple Menu selection
    rather than closing the lid to put it to sleep. I have been using the power button
    quick-press to bring up the sleep/shutdown menu and have not had the problem
    in a few days.
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    I just wiped my HD and reinstalled everything besides the Graphics Update. I can now close the lid of my MBP and use my external monitor alone. The Graphics Update had made that impossible.

    Further, I am in the habit of putting my MCP to sleep and putting it in a backpack in the morning, meeting friends for breakfast, and re-awakening it at the office. When I did get to my office, I found (as another user had on another thread) that the MBP, even closed, had woken itself up and was hot as heck. I am uncertain that sleep will work properly under 10.5.2, but I know that the display wackiness of the Graphics Update was driving me nuts. I will not install it until Apple fixes it.

    I looked around for awhile for a way to uninstall the Graphics Update, but could not find it...I suspect it exists somewhere.

    The 10.5.2 Combo update (343MB download) DOES NOT include the Graphics Update, and at this time, I seem quite ok with everything else updated.
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    I am experiencing the same problems you are with the wake/sleep. How do I uninstall the graphics update? Thanks