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Seems like a lot of people are having this problem, with no real solution provided. There's a support topic regarding "iPod will charge, but is not recognized by Windows or My Computer", but obviously that is of little help to me. I've done what I can with the 5 Rs, including resetting the iPod about 3728456 times, and reinstalling iTunes, AND buying a new connector cable, but no luck yet. It only charges after I reset it, as well; plugging it in and leaving it makes absolutely nothing happen. What should I do?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    You may have a corrupted ipoddriver.kext file. Do an Archive and Install and it will replace it. If you are a little more advanced you can use a 3rd party utility, such as Pacifist, and extract it from your install disk, or if you can get to another machine with 10.4.11, you can copy it from them and put it on your computer.

    Also, try resetting your iPod while it is connected to your computer to see if it can then be seen.

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    Thank you; I tried using Pacifist, and I managed to reinstall the thing you mentioned, but it didn't seem to help. I still have to reset the iPod after plugging it in, to get it to charge, and it's still not showing up on the Desktop or in iTunes. I'd really rather not have to do the Archive and Install option, since I'm low on hard drive space anyway, and it sounds like it eats up a bit.
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    Try it on a different computer. If it can't be seen there then it is pretty certain the iPod needs service.
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    I just got a mac. But my iPod is formated for windows. But I fixed that it's just that iTunes or Finder won't recognize my iPod.