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The other day I bought some mp3s from Amazon (with no DRM). The Amazon download application loaded them straight into iTunes just fine. But I noticed that the application stored the files in a place I didn't like (I like to organize my music myself). So, I removed the songs from iTunes, moved the files to a proper location, adjusted the volume of the songs (so they match the rest of my music), adjusted the artist name in the tags, and then tried to re-load the songs into iTunes. No luck. Now, I can't get iTunes to recognize and load the songs. They are standard mp3 files that I can play with any other application. But iTunes won't load them, not a folder at a time, not one by one, not using "import." Nothing works. Any ideas? I really want to enjoy this new album that I bought.

I tried upgrading to the latest version of iTunes. It didn't help.


Windows XP Pro
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    I have seen some reports that iTunes will choke on some files with long file names. But these files don't have especially long names, and don't contain any funny characters. Still looking.

    Any ideas?
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    I have a very similar, if not, the same problem. I got my music from other sources, but they were all standard unprotected mp3s with nothing special at all about them. I load them into iTunes fine, and they play fine. But sometimes iTunes will randomly just not play a song. The album art is lost for the song, and I cannot modify it because in "Get Info" the tab for album artwork just isn't there. Most of the time single songs are not affected, it's usually a whole album that will just stop being playable to iTunes.

    The songs also disappear off of my iPod, and if I remove them from my iTunes library (but keep the files) and then add them back, well, they simply do not add back. It's as if iTunes didn't even recognize the files as music files. If I keep the songs in my library and try "Convert Selection to MP3," iTunes gives me a useless "Unknown Error -50"

    This happens incredibly rarely, but it has happened to me at least four times in the past year, and the problem has never been fixed. I am convinced that this is just a random failure of iTunes and cannot find any possible explanation for it. It's extremely frustrating because there seems to be any cause at all for this problem to occur.
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    A lot of people, like you, seem to have problems getting songs from iTunes onto their iPods (or keeping them there). Less common, it seems, is where iTunes won't load a standard mp3 file. I am especially vexed by this situation where a file loads, but then 5 minutes later doesn't load.
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    Here is an idea that I will try later today. I use Musicbrainz Picard to adjust my tags the way I like. It seems "iTunes has a known bug in it's ID3v2.4 implementation, which makes it unable to read such tags if they contain also embedded cover art. As a work-around, you can configure Picard to write ID3v2.3 tags." I believe that my mp3 files from Amazon have embedded cover art. I think this might be the problem. I will check the tag settings in Picard.
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    I'm pretty sure I have the same problem as you, copying to iPod was just a problem that came from it.

    Your suggestion to convert the ID3 tags completely fixed it for me. I converted the ID3 tags of the affected songs into 1.x, and sure enough, they worked fine. Strangely enough, even after converting them back to 2.4, they worked. I was able to convert the ID3 tags of songs that wouldn't play in iTunes through iTunes (if I hadn't removed them from my library obviously, because once you can't add the songs with messed up ID3v2.4 information into iTunes without first converting to an older version of ID3).

    I thank you for solving my problem, and I hope your solution solves your own.
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    Amazon downloads them to the location set in the Amazon MP3 Downloader prefs.
    When it adds the songs to iTunes, if you have iTunes prefs -> Advanced set to *Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library*, iTunes will copy the songs to the iTunes music folder location.

    If *Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library* is already set, just delete the files in the Amazon download folder after it is added to iTunes.
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    I tried using Picard to change the tags again, to write ID3v2.3 tags. It didn't help. My next ideas are (a) find an application that can tell me for sure what type of tags the files have (maybe Picard didn't actually change them), and perhaps (b) find an application that can remove the embedded cover art. Perhaps the cover art is causing the problem.

    Any ideas?
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    Thank you for the suggestion. I don't let iTunes copy my mp3 files any where. I organize them myself like this: h:\mp3\artist\album. I also adjust the file name when necessary to ensure that the track number comes first.

    I still haven't figured it out.
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    I am also having this problem. I have one DL from emusic.com that just will not add to the iTunes library.

    I can play it in other applications, so I know it's not a damaged DL.
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    I don't let iTunes copy my mp3 files any where. I organize them myself like this: h:\mp3\artist\album.

    You can let iTunes do this for you automatically.
    Go to iTunes prefs -> Advanced.
    Set the iTunes music folder location to I also adjust the file name when necessary to ensure that the track number comes first. .
    Tick *Copy to iTunes music folder when adding to library*.
    Tick *Keep iTunes music folder organized*.
    They will be stored in h:\mp3\artist\album

    I also adjust the file name when necessary to ensure that the track number comes first.

    Tick *Add track number to filename*.

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    Good tip, thanks. Now if only I could get iTunes to recognize my new album!
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    I'm having the same problem. Songs that played just last week are suddenly not playing. It is one album in particular, that I only have as downloaded MP3s, specifically Radiohead's "In Rainbows". I tried deleting and recreating the tags and renaming the files. No dice. I don't want to transcode the files (i.e. convert to aac or wmv or ogg) because I'd lose sound quality. I tried downgrading iTunes from 7.6 to 7.4, too -- no change. This is frustrating!
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    I fixed it. Here is what worked: I completely cleared out all tags. Then I retagged the files using Picard. Once the new tags were written, iTunes accepted the files just fine.