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Does anyone have any experience running the Bloomberg software on a Mac Pro or on Mac OS? If you are able to run Bloomberg, are you able to download data into Excel using the API? What software version are you using? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    *"Does anyone have any experience running the Bloomberg software on a Mac Pro or on Mac OS? "*

    If anyone does, you'll probably find them in the OS X discussions rather than a forum focusing on compatibility issues between Mac OS and Windows.
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    Thanks. I'll post in the other section.
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    Bloomberg needs to be run on Windows. Thus you'll need to run a Windows hypervisor (VMWare, Parallels, etc.). Besides, the MS Excel for Mac is different beast than the Windows version so the Bloomberg Excel Add-in API needs to work with Windows Excel only.

    Alternatively, if you subscribe to Bloomberg Data API service for UNIX, you'll be able to load data directly. However, this service does not include terminal service.
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    I use Bloomberg anywhere.. a service they provide to their clients which means you don't have to run windows... it loads citrix, and a few other gizmos.. and works much better! though I still havent quite worked out the bloomberg keys on the mac aluminum wireless keyboard. still in search of MENU! anyone using bloomberg on os/x w/this keyboard know??
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    BBerg does. I know that there are some Mac afficiandos within the organisation, and although they are small, they should be willing to help. Call the help desk and ask for a "Mac nut".

    Related to this, have you ever used a non-Mac keyboard with the Mac? I have toyed with this idea as a way of getting around the keyboard issues that seem to affect us business users who are addicted to both excel and BBerg. My ideal would be to run BBerg and MSFT Windows on a VMware platform with a BBerg keyboard (roughly $300). Has anyone attempted this?
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    Hopefully this helps: BBA users can log onto Bloomberg through www.bloomberg.com but will NOT be able
    to download the software on a Mac.

    "But how do I use the yellow market sector keys?"

    ALT L does not work; however, Apple iBook and Powerbook users can use the "fn"
    key on the bottom left corner of their keyboard in combination with other keys
    to have Bloomberg keyboard functionality:

    fn+end (right arrow) = Menu fn+F1= HELP
    fn+page (up arrow) = Page Back fn+F2= GOVT
    fn+page (down arrow) = Page Forward fn+F3= CORP
    fn+m = Panel fn+F4= MTGE
    fn+j = Message fn+F5= M-MKT
    fn+l = Monitor fn+F6= MUNI
    fn+o = News fn+F7= PFD
    fn+> = Code ....and so on...

    Not working? Check system preferences (go to the Apple icon on the top left of
    their screen)-->"Expose" needs to be disabled for all function keys.

    "How can I add the buttons to my toolbar so I don't have to do the above?"

    To "right click" in a Mac, have the user click into one of their Bloomberg
    Panels, then hold the Apple button and click the mouse to bring up the Bloomberg
    menu. Here they can go to Terminal Defaults, from which they can reach Alt G
    and Alt B (under the Display tab). Here they could add the market sector buttons
    if they would prefer to do this instead.
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    Has anybody successfully ran

    1. Excel with the Bloomberg Add-In
    2. Bloomberg Terminal
    3. Windows Vista via Parallels

    And gotten the Bloomberg API functions to successfully pull data (e.g. BDS(), BDH(), BDP() )

    I have succesfully ran Bloomberg Terminal, the BBG keyboard works! but my Excel spreadsheets won't pull in data:-(

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    I use Bloomberg Anywhere on a MBP. The menu key is fn+RightArrow. You cansee a complete mapping by pressing Apple+L.
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    Yes. I have Bloomberg running on my Parallels and able to use API via MS Excel. I've also ran Bloomberg using VMWare Fusion and it worked as well.