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kaj_68 Level 1 (20 points)
Got my MBA three weeks ago and have really enjoyed using it (it is the best notebook computer I have ever owned)... until yesterday.

Noticed a clicking sound coming from the right side of the computer but thought that it may have just been the HD and that I had not noticed it before. Today, after realizing the HD was likely not accessing but I could still hear the noise, I decided to run a hardware test (using the built-in system) and it showed the following error:

4MOT/1/40000002 Exhaust 0

Quickly thought it might be a fan issue rather than the HD and installed iStat Pro... Sure enough, the temp was reading 98°C and the fan RPM was 0.

Searched the net and saw one other person with this problem, so it may not be widespread. Or we might just be the first ones...

My local shop where I bought it will likely offer to replace the MBA, but I will have to wait until stock arrives (the MBA seems to be sold out almost everywhere).

My biggest frustration is this is the fourth new Apple product in the past couple of years that I have bought that has had a problem within the first month of use.
  • BarryXSharp Level 5 (7,890 points)
    Sounds like you've been unlucky. That is why there's a warranty on new products such as the Apple Mac thankgoodness.

    My fan was faulty from the get-go and Apple promptly replaced it for me - no questions asked.

    If the fan is faulty and not rotating at all the cores will reach critical temps of around 204ºF and shutdown by themselves to avoid a meltdown. This happened to me.

    Good luck with your replacement.
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    I would have been very happy if my machine was the only one to have had a problem with the fan, then I would consider it a fluke. Hearing that someone else had a problem with the fan leads me to believe the part is not up to quality.

    Lucky for me I bought the MBA at a local reseller... the Apple Store in Fukuoka (I live in Japan) said they would only replace the machine up to 2 weeks after purchase (spoke to the assistant manager- we had a long discussion about Apple quality just one month ago), but my local shop said today they would certainly replace it up to 30 days, and possibly even after that. I still have to wait for stock to arrive...

    Regarding warranties: I purchase a lot of electronics but have only ever had to return or replace or had to have repaired Apple machines. It is at such a state that I recently spoke with the district sales representative from Apple and the assistant manager of the Fukuoka Store about it. It is also extremely difficult going through the Call Center in Japan, which is another reason I chose to buy locally.

    Apple's designs are fantastic; with a little more effort, the build quality would match the designs and they would have a happier customer in me. A computer should not fail in the first three weeks, period.
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    Same issue here in california. I picked mine up just this past wednesday, 3/12.

    I started to hear the noise today. At first I thought that it sounds like a harddrive, but then it strikes me that there isn't one. Mine is SSD version.

    I ran hardware diagnostic and sure enough it reports 4MOT/1/4000002:Exhaust-0.

    I'm taking it back to Los Gatos today this afternoon. They'll either replace it or send it in for repair.
    I don't mind either way.

    It seems like apple have bad batch of fans on MBAs.
  • kaj_68 Level 1 (20 points)
    If you only got it last week, I would request a replacement; there is always a possibility the temp increased and hurt something else; mine showed 98 degrees C, which is just shy of the automatic shutdown temp that tries to prevent damage.

    My replacement arrived yesterday after a week of waiting and though it didn't have any issues show up in hardware test, it did have a tilted screen, so I didn't accept it. Two machines, two issues.

    Again, my tilted screen might be the first one, but I would check your replacement carefully before accepting it.

    There are a few issues with the MBA that hopefully will get ironed out very soon.