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It beeps quite erratically through-out the night. It is using the apple 120V adapter to the usb cord.

Is it that the outlet voltage drops below a threshold and the beep signals that the iphone thinks it was unplugged(because that's what it sounds like).


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    Should only beep when connected to the power source for the first time. I think what you say is probably right: it sounds as if you have a faulty charger which is losing the power connection and then connecting again. Take it back for a replacement.

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    unless the outlet you are plugged into is having power surges...if your lights pulse on and off, or other electronic things plugged into that outlet have the same problem, then it is not a power cord problem, but a wallplug problem.

    Try a different outlet and see if the same thing happens. Are you plugging directly into the wall, or are you plugging into a surge protector (a better idea).
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    Not necessarily, though you may be correct in this instance. I had a faulty MacBook AC adapter which did the same thing - appeared to charge the one moment, and then not the other. Didn't matter what power socket it was connected to, and my lights were fine, as was everything else. I had the adapter replaced, and all was fine. The telling feature is whether the adapter gets hot when attempting to charge; if it does, then it's probably at fault; if not, then it's probably a dodgy wall socket as you suggest. Hopefully the OP will let us know.
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    The iphone/adapter give the same behavior no matter the outlet--both in the house and at hotels. The adapter is cool to the touch when charging.

    I'm going to have to agree with the majority and say that the ac adapter is effed. I need to try another one to confirm.

    Thanks for the responses!