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I have the following problems with my iPod Classic 160 GB. Are these common problems?

1. Songs skip, constantly. I just downloaded a new album from iTunes this morning and it is almost unbearable to listen to because of all the skips, etc.
2. Headphone volume is so limited that regular earbuds are useless on the street. The only full sound comes from in-ears or big studio headsets.
3. The line out volume is also too limiting. I use this iPod with a Belkin Tunestage (rev 2) and have to crank my stereo amplifier to full volume to hear the iPod.

I wish I could return this, but it's beyond the receipted return period. I was hoping this would get better with firmware releases, etc., but it's just not happening.

For the record, I'm a huge Apple supporter. I've owned a G4 tower, a G4 Powerbook, a dual-G5 tower, the original 5 GB iPod, the 20 GB classic, the 60 GB Video iPod, and now this clunker of an iPod Classic.
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    Is it just the one album that skips? If so does that download skip when you play it on the computer through itunes? If it does then the problem is with the download and not the ipod.

    I have the 80 gb classic and listening to the headphones at full volume is still loud enough to hurt my ears. If you need to turn it up even louder than that because of outside noise you will do ear damage. The best thing to do is to get the headphones that will help keep those outside noises out. Also... did you check to see if you have the maximum volume limiter turned up to the max?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    It is not just one album. I would not use that to be diagnostic of a problem with the whole iPod.

    As for the listening volume, I made sure the limiter is turned up to the max. It's still not loud enough.
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    -I've never experienced any skipping of songs, so I can't really help you there other than trying to fix the problem through iTunes or resetting your iPod.

    -As for the sound, I think that the earbuds are terrible. They are terribly uncomfortable and don't block any outside sound. I would try the SkullCandy brand of earbuds. They are incredibly comfy and even include adjustable sizes to really fit your ear perfectly. They also drown out and amazing amount of noise considering that they don't cover the entire ear and don't have noise canceling function. They aren't expensive either.

    -As for your last problem, I use my classic with my stereo also and it's never been too quiet.

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    I just purchased a new 80gb classic on my way back from a weekend in Rome yesterday.Used it for the first time today and was hugely disappointed at how low the volume is,even when set to the max,my first gen shuffle had more kick!!,checked it against my girlfriends 2 yr old 60gb model and hers is simply way louder,can anyone explain why this is?,its simply not loud enough to be used outdoors,I dont mind saying I feel pretty cheated and wont be rushing out to support apple again!!
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    Go to your library in iTunes, select all of your music, right-click, select get info, go to the info tab, and raise the maximum volume to the highest setting. It makes a world of difference.
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    Song by song?
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    Just select one song in your library, then press crtl+a if you're using Windows or command+a on a mac. Then everything should be selected and you can just do everything at once. Does that make more sense to you? I'm sorry if I am still confusing.
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    I've only had it skip on me one time. I've never had that happen to me again. Of course, this is my second iPod classic and this one doesn't display this problem while the first one did.
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    Hi Like you I like am so frustrated with the Ipod classic I can hardly hear the thing it particularly on the street and recently I found out it best part of usless in an aeroplane. I have tried to get an Email through to Appla what a joke that is .

    I have had it since Christmas and have never nbeen able to successfully down l load a video.
    It outs all my music and adio books inthe same section ie. Music.
    I will be throwing mine in the Bin because to be honest I was better off with my MP3 player.
    I will be buying a new computer this year and seriously considering an Imac that will be a complete non starter now.
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    I have sold my 160 classic and gone back to my 5th gen with a cracked screen as it is way louder

    You guys and gals in USA are so lucky not to have the EU volume limit

    That trick you mention above about raising the vol only works up to 5th Gen ipods in UK

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    fghtffyrpls wrote:
    Go to your library in iTunes, select all of your music, right-click, select get info, go to the info tab, and raise the maximum volume to the highest setting. It makes a world of difference.

    It doesn't make any difference.

    Increasing the song's volume using iTunes will do nothing to overcome the volume cap imposed on iPods for sale in Europe. It is a software restriction and can only be removed by actually removing this software.

    If you increase the volume of a song in iTunes, all you do is make it so that the maximum volume on the iPod is reached before the volume bar is at full.

    For example, if you increase a track's volume in iTunes by +100% then when it's on the iPod you will find that that track hits it's maximum volume level at about half volume, and turning the iPod up to full volume will not increase the volume any higher after this point. A track which has not had it's volume altered in iTunes will reach exactly the same sound level, although of course you will need to turn the volume level of the iPod to full in this instance.