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I received my Iphone on Friday Feb 29th new form Apple. I set it up and it upgraded to firmware 1.1.4, all seemed well and good, but for the phone keeps going to an unlockable black screen randomly. Some times from surfing the web, or from chekcing email, photos, etc. After pushing the sleep button it will not wake. The only way to get the phone back on is from doing a hard reset.

I have removed the 1.1.4 firm ware form my windows machine and re-did the firmware upgrade with a backup in itunes, and also did one as a fresh phone install without my backup and the phone is still repeating the behavior.

Any other tips for me? Is it true that I have to actually drive the phone to an apple store to get it replaced? The Apple CSR told me that they will not send me a new phone, I have to send it back? How can they do that? I need my phone - even in its non working sporadic behavior.

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