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Hi all,

I am teaching an audio class and using Garageband because of its simplicity. It's been great, except for a few missing items (reverse sound, primarily).

I am teaching my students to use samples, and wondered if there was a way to export particular regions without having to start a new Garageband project. They are cutting up field recordings they've made, and would like to assign samples to different keys in the keyboard. I could teach them Audacity for sample editing, but it would be easier if they could stay in Garageband. Any ideas?

15 1.5MHz G4 Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hmm, thanks Hangtime. I've tried that twice. I clicked 'c' for the yellow cycle track, dragged it to the length of the short audio region, soloed just that track with the short loop on it, and clicked "Share --> Export to disk." Is there another export option I'm unaware of?

    Thanks for your quick help!
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    oops, i didn't notice this was GB3, the Cycle method was always flaky for me with version 3 (1, 2, and 08 work fine).

    the alt approach i used for GB3 is outlined in a tutorial for transferring LP records to iTunes:


    skim down to around 2/3 through it till you see this image

    and follow along with that
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    Hi Hangtime,

    Thanks so much for your help. This looks like it would work in many circumstances and is good to know, but it seems to want at least 7 measures of music, which is much longer than most of the samples will be. Sigh. I wish the other versions of Garageband were installed in this school's music computer lab!

    Any other ideas? The problem is that I need to post directions on our class blog, so bringing up Audacity is probably far too complicated without a demo. And the computers don't have Quicktime Pro installed.

    Maybe I'll just wait till after spring break. They can currently drag regions onto their custom sampling keyboards made in Sound Effects, and change pitch one at a time through effects.

    Very frustrating, though. It would be nice if Apple would simply add an "export region to audio" menu option!
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    It would be nice if Apple would simply add an "export region to audio" menu option!

    they do have an export region option, it's the Cycle Region button. the problem is that in GB3 it's, unfortunately, unreliable B-(>
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    ah. got it. if it were up to me, i'd just do a save as and try again, but my students are totally new to mac and to garageband. i think i'll just work with audacity instead.

    thanks so much for your help though. i learned something.