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craftyman Level 1 Level 1
ok, don't know what happened but updated to new version this week and now my itunes phone setting is completely orange and says it doesn't have enough room to sync any videos or podcast in phone...I have deleted all my podcast out of my itunes library to clear any room the bar is still completely orange and says "other" is what is on my phone, I have figured out how to sync only 1/4 of my music but I am at a loss...
I have restored to original and itunes is still saying my iphone is full of other, and can not sync or download.. Anybody... Please help I miss my podcasts and all my music.

Windows XP
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    You have Restored your iPhone with no change?

    Are you running the current iTunes version?
  • craftyman Level 1 Level 1
    yes running the current version ...
  • ozjones Level 1 Level 1
    I have had this same problem multiple times now. With the last firmware version and this newest version as well. I'll plug my phone in to sync it with itunes and it will show up in itunes with a huge orange space showing all the storage space taken up (with what used to be my music and videos). It seems that somehow syncing the phone made it so that both itunes and the iphone can't see any of the media already on the phone. Even with the iphone disconnected it now says I have no music or movies yet it has no free space in it's memory. The two times it happened I had to do a complete Restore of the phone. But it's happened again and I'm tired of having to do the lengthy restore and recopy of all the media.

    I have the latest version will all updates of both OS X and iTunes, as well as the latest firmware version for iPhone.

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    This is happening to quite a few people and Apple support claims not having many complaints, probably because people is not bothering calling them, but I suspect there is some bug in 1.1.4. In any case this is how I solved it.

    1) all music gone - huge OTHER file after upgrade to 1.1.4 using a Vista machine
    2) click on RESTORE
    3) error 1602, restore could not be completed
    4) click on RESTORE again
    5) since I have daily backups, then I selected NOT to backup iPhone first as I was afraid it will get corrupted data because the iPhone was not in optimal state
    6) iPhone up and running but empty after restore
    7) click on SYNC - iPhone back to normal as per my latest backup of 24 hrs ago, of course calendar and contacts updated.
  • ozjones Level 1 Level 1
    I went through the exact same process when upgrading to 1.1.4 and had the same success. However, tonight after plugging phone into computer I had the same thing happen again with the huge 'Other" category taking up all the storage space while losing all my music and videos at the same time.