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I was hoping that someone would be able to tell me if you can and how to delete songs from your iTunes library? I only recently bought my 1st ipod and set it up all wrong. There is songs in the library that I don't want there.

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    Do you want to delete from iTunes or delete from the iPod? To delete from iTunes, click on the song in your library that you want to remove and press the delete key on your keyboard. To select multiple items such as all the songs in an album, click on the first track in the list hold down the shift key and click on the last track to highlight the selection. Then press the delete key.

    How you delete content from your iPod depends how you have it set to update:

    If you are updating automatically (syncing) all songs and playlists then delete the files from the iTunes library. In the iTunes Library highlight the file and press the delete key on your keyboard. If you're updating the iPod from a selected playlist delete the song from the playlist and it will remain in the library. Next time you connect they will deleted automatically from your iPod.

    If you are updating manually, connect your iPod and when it shows in the iTunes 7 source list click on the chevron (the little triangle) to the left of the iPod icon This will display the various icons for the iPod itself, Music, Movies, TV Shows and Playlists. Click on Music and you'll see the usual song list. Find the files on your iPod that you want to remove, highlight them and delete directly as above by pressing the delete key on your keyboard.

    To select multiple items such as all the songs in an album, follow the instructions above for deleting from iTunes only delete from the iPod song list instead..

    To summarise, you start by highlighting the song/video/selection in either the iTunes library or on the iPod song list as displayed in iTunes then press the delete key on your keyboard: Deleting songs or playlists from your iPod