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I have just bought a Iphone and a having problems with the Bluetooth the phone does not sem to pick up any other devices .When i try to pair it with my merc carkit it does not find it .The car kit can see the phone but cant connect to it .Any help would be appreciated

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    Have you manage to sort this problem out yet because i bought an iphone yesterday and can not get it work with my merc. I can get it to find the cradle and pair but then the bluetooth symbol does not turn blue or white just stays grey but everything is switched on
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    Did you purchase the special Mercedes Bluetooth adaptor? Without it, your phone will see the car, but there is no way to get Bluetooth to function. It is a small device that is fitted to your car to make to make it work. Cost about $400. You would figure with a car as expensive as they are that Bluetooth would be standard, but it is not. My dealer said it is so that if technology changes in the future they will be able to accommodate it. I told them, maybe they could make it work with current technology at no extra charge. Ultimately the dealer threw in the component, but I had to haggle for it.
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    Pretty much no mercedes cars have got bluetooth built into them. Each car reuqires an adaptor if you want to use an iphone (or any other phone that you dont have a cradle for).

    The cradle i have used for my car is called a viseeO (purchased from

    You need to have pre-wiring fo this to work, either you have a fixed cradle or have a exchangeable cradle whch has a UHI connector (i have a fixed cradle system from 2002)

    What you do is pair your phone with the ViseeO and then it basically uploads your contacts etc to the Comand screen. When a call comes in it mutes the audio and calls can be answered using the steering wheel controls aswell. Bascially you can use all the integrated controls with any modern phone, like the iphone for example.

    Hope this helps people.
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    The IPHONE is 100% Compatible with ALL MB Bluetooth products.

    In ALL cars that you have to purchase the Bluetooth adapter, everything transfers over.. PHonebook, etc.

    I am a Mercedes-Benz Sales rep in San Diego, CA, and also use the Bluetooth adapter in both my cars successfully.

    There are TWO ways to pair the device on the new C Class, 2009 SLK, 2009 SL, and the 2009 SUVS (all integrated Bluetooth)

    On the E Class, S Class, CLS, and CLK Class, the "puck" is needed..

    FOR IPHONE USERS: DO NOT BUY THE OLD VERSION, you need to latest version.

    You can contact me shoudl you have questions
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    hey i just brought this viseeo adaptor for my 2002 w203 c200 mercedes. it pairs with the phone but the sync light just keeps flashing. I saw stuff on some other forums about software updates. any ideas?
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    iPhone support remains shaky. I have a 2008 204 and it paired immediately with my iPhone but could not load the address book. It then lost the pairing and it was difficult to get it paired again. Having "upgraded" the iPhone to 2.0 it no longer pairs at all.

    MB want me spend 550 Swiss francs to buy a cradle, which may or may not help and which does not handle sms messages or mail, both pretty fundamental requirements one would have thought. I do not understand why I should need a cradle when the car has built-in bluetooth... does anyone know the reason?

    Others may be luckier but it strikes me as a hit and miss affair and poor showing for a car of this quality.

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    robnadel...I have an 07 S550 that will pair with my Motorola V9 and my kazr but will not pair with my 3G iphone that was introduced on the 11th. When you click on data connections it shows Rick's iphone authorized but unavailable. Local dealer no help. sent me to They told me it was being tested but that overall it was not compatible. Any advice?
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    I have a 2008 C300 and the old iPhone worked well. It was not able to download the address book, but I was OK with that. No cradle just paired it up and worked great....

    Now I just got the 3G phone and it does not see the car or vice versa...

    I believe this is a bug that Apple needs to address.

    Now I am charging my Plantronics headset. Hope that works...
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    like i said the solution from has never failed + they offer 100% moeny back if it does not work
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    You need to find out what bluetooth protocol is being used. My porsche supports SAP and HFP but has to be set in the workshop. It defaults to SAP. The 2G iPhone connect using the HFP not SAP so it will be seen by the BT kit but will not pair.

    I assume but am unable to verify that the 3G phone still only supports HFP as well. Which is a shame as the SAP profile allows the car antenna to be used shutting of the internal antenna in compatible phones and also sending SMS etc to the car. HFP just does the phonebook and signal status but leaves the internal antenna on.

    The reason that people have mixed results pairing is generally down to the default mode that the car kit is left on. So those who are default as HFP tend to have no problems all the first pairing can be a pain in the *** especially if you try and do it where there are lots of BT devices as the protocol is very promiscuous. Once the pairing is complete it is reliable in my experience.
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    Hi All, I recently upgraded my Iphone with the latest software from apple (2.00) and it now does not recognise my address book having worked perfectly before. My Mercedes dealer was very helpful but unable sort (disconnecting and re recognising no use) so I went into the Apple store (I have regular one-to-one so I know all the staff) but this didn't help me although they tried all they could. Bottom line is there is a major glitch with the new update it affects all Mercedes and BMW cars and worse is you can't even backdate to the previous setup using time machine till they sort it out. The feeling was this is a very bad problem and something will be done watch and pester for updates. In the meantime for me this is bad as am self employed and often access my address book in car, come on Apple I feel robbed of a good device.
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    with the mercedes device not being able to be updates you would need apple to design a new software version that makes it compatible with the HFP device for mercedes and equivelent for BMW.

    To be honest i cannot see apple doing this

    The ViseeO displays the contacts, all be it duplicated (i.e 2 of each) but i still prefer this to not having any at all.
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    Did you resolve this?
    I have just bought a 3G iphone. I have tried to pair it with my Merc and again the car sees the iphone but the phone does not see the car. The car gives me the pin code but the phopne does not ask fo it? My Nokia N95 worked brilliantly with the bluetooth system.
    Any help would be gratefully recieved.
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    Hi Wendy,

    Which mercedes crale do you have - is it the HFP unit or the SAP unit.

    From the sound of it you have the SAP unit but you will never be able to get your iphone to work with that kit because it does not have a SAP profil like the N95 does.

    If it is HFP then you will not have had your contacts on your Comand system as the HFP does not auto sync contacts from the N95. You will also need to wait for a software update (it if comes)for it to get your contacts.

    However if you have the HFP you should still be able to pair the kit fine.

    You can message me on here if you have any more questions if you want.

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