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Ive had my ipod Classic 160GB since november of 2007 and hadnt had any problems with it...at least not in terms of loading up songs and creating a library. In the last two weeks after I updated to 1.1.1 all my troubles started. One day i was loading up some new stuff on my ipod and all of a sudden the songs inside of my own ipod in itunes started show that same exclamation sign that usually occurs when you manually delete songs that are in your library and itunes cant find it. Well right after this happens my ipod starts synchronizing and suddenly ejects.

My ipod goes into the usual Ok to Disconnect white bar that fills up but when it finishes loading up inmediately it resets instead of going back into the main ipod menu. Well after it finishes resetting all of a sudden my ipod says "NO MUSIC" but misteriously the ABout section still shows that the space on the hard drive is filled up but the music is not listed. When i plug the ipod back into the PC to get back into itunes no music shows up and the ipod starts synchronizing again....i tried to use sharepod and senuti to at least get my music out but it says the Itunes.Db file has been corrupted.

Well after a few minutes itunes decides that the capacity shown on my ipod does not agree with the "no music" so it starts synchronizing and all of a sudden it completely erases everything i had and now it really is empty.

This has happened to me twice now...took me 2 weeks to fill it back up to speed and happened again just when i was back where i was before. Has anybody had this problem? what can it be? how did you fix it? do i need to get my ipod replaced? and finally if i do need to get it replaced....how do i prove that theres something wrong with my ipod...i mean...once it erases all my stuff i starts as a new empty ipod but shows no sign of it being broken.

hope anybody can help me

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    It doesn't sound like your iPod is broken, but it can dump the db for no readily apparent reason at which point the data is still there but invisible to iTunes & the iPod. It's probably too late now, but sometimes there is a backup copy of the database that can be replaced. The database is at iPod_ControliTunesiTunesDB and the backup, if there is one, is at iPod_ControliTunesiT.tmp. You can prepare for a future crash however...

    First goto the preferences menu and check *Disable automatic syncing of all iPones & iPods* , then with the iPod connected goto the iPod summary tab and uncheck *Open iTunes when this iPod is connected* . Now, when your iPod is behaving, you can connect it to your computer & backup the contents of iPod_ControliTunes to another folder on the iPod, e.g. backupiTunes , before making any changes. If the iPod should crash when you update it you should be able to restore the iTunesDB file. Depending on what you added or deleted there might be problems if it tries to play non-existant files but at least you could plan when to do the full restore.