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Whoever read this, I really need your advice or everything you know if you have ever been to this problem too.

I have an iPod video 5th 30GB that the battery drains early than usual. I have tried to play all night and it was playing just for 5 hours (half volume). One day, I charged until full (from wall adapter) and turned it off. The day after, when I turned it on, the battery almost empty. I was thinking maybe because the battery, so I replaced the battery, but there was nothing changed. I heard that if ipod drains early, so the problem either the battery or the logic board. I have tried the 5R's.
Does it mean that my first battery was not the problem? How to check the logic board? Any advice please??? I don't want to check the battery all the time while I am listening to my favorite music.

I really need your help guys. Please..

MacBook. iPhone 8GB. iPod 5th 30GB, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    alot of people starting getting this issue immediately after their last firmware update, so alot of peoples feeling is that a firmware issue is causing the bugs. It seems the battery is pumping out far more energy than it should do and it is trying to do it on anything that it connects to with a usb. Hence why your battery drains down so quickly, especially when its connected to anything usb.

    Until Apple finds a fix, apart from restoring your ipod and seeing if the new new addition firmware solves your problem, there isn't a whole lot you can do.
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    Thanks. I'm feeling better to know that.
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    I've got the same problem. I replaced the battery and still no luck. The battery will be fully charged, then play for awhile before dying when the battery meter reads over half full. It seems to be draining even when the ipod is turned off. i've tried rolling back the firmware to an earlier version, letting the ipod completely drain and then fully charging in an attempt to recalibrate the power meter, and eventually completely restoring the ipod to factory settings. still nothing. so: its not a firmware issue, its not a battery issue. of course, since i'm out of warranty (by three months) i can't even talk to a person to get advice on this. i have a $350 ipod that is less than a year and half old and can't get more than a few hours play time on a brand new battery. great product, Apple. and even better customer service.
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    "i've tried rolling back the firmware to an earlier version"
    I did that too and still nothing happened. I hope this is surely because the firmware version. I'm still putting my hope on it. Hope for the next firmware can fix the problem.
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    i appreciate you trying to help but if you read the posts in more detail, you'll notice that this is NOT a battery issue. the identical problem is occurring with a brand new battery: the ipod shuts down long before the meter is reading even remotely low. in fact, my ipod is now shutting down after only 2 hours of play time on a full charge. the battery meter at this time is still reading above 75% power. i find it hard to believe that Apple cannot report a valid solution to this problem as i'm sure it is not unique to my ipod.