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Since 2.01, I have had numerous problems. One problem is that the cropping ratio is not working intermittently and now images are disappearing. If I set it to crop a 19 x 13 ratio, it will only crop something like a 1 x 4 ratio. An "X" shows up in the lower left corner of the image and I can't see a way to remove it..

If remove all adjustments, the image reverts to the original, but still has the "X". If I quit out of Aperture, the image is not there when I open it back up. The vaults are not showing that any images have been deleted or imported, so I am not sure where the image is going.

Yesterday, I deleted the .plist, rebuilt the library database, re-installed the ProKit update, etc. My images are all in a managed library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

15" MBP, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    For the second time, since I downloaded Aperture 2.0 update trial, photos that I have made adjustments to, have disappeared. I can't find them anywhere on my hard drive. It happened after I moved photos from one album to another.

    I'm a fine art photographer and make many adjustments to my photos. I work intuitively, so I can't go back and replicate the process. Nothing like this ever happened to me, in the previous version.

    I need to know how to remove the photos that I've shot and loaded on to Aperture 2.0 without losing them and what I can do, if anything to recover my lost artwork. How do I disable 2.0 so that I revert to 1.5 again?