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I am running the latest version of iTunes on my MacBook Pro and syncing this with Apple TV (also fully updated). I have noticed that purchased content disappears from the Apple TV, and in some cases, from the MacBook. For example, I have purchase a season of Stargate Atlantis, downloaded and successfully synced, but then the following day episodes 3 and 5 will be missing from iTunes and Apple TV. They still exist in the backup (within the music library under "TV Shows," but what gives? Why so buggy? Thanks in advance for any comments!!

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    Well nothing should ever disappear from iTunes, but for the AppleTV. Syncing doesn't really mean all content will always be there. It will sync, Movies, then TV, Music, then Photos in that order. If more spaces is needed for lets say a Movie, it will pull off photos, music, then TV shows in that priority order. The AppleTV I believe is going to try to save room on itself never knowing when you may download a rental or new content from the online store via the AppleTV. It will sync back content if there is room, if not then it will leave it on your computer and then stream when needed. Synced content just allows for faster access and access when computer is not on.
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    Good points, although I have the 160gig ATV and there is currently only 12 episodes of Stargate Atlantis and 12 episodes of Family guy. No photos and perhaps 1 gig of music. I can understand if I were butting up against the storage limits of the unit, but we are quite a ways from that. I might try to reset the unit back to factory original and then reload from scratch and see if that helps?