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First the background...

I have been trying for two weeks to get my new iMac to work with Dot Mac (specifically, the iDisk). Many e-mails have been exchanged with Apple Support. I have done dozens of things that they have suggested (upgraded to 10.5.2, ran keychain first aid, ran repair permissions, System Preference changes, made new user accounts, made new Dot Mac accounts, you name it, we've tried it). We even wiped the hard drive clean and started over, re-installing everything all over again. Nothing they can think of can make Dot Mac iDisk work with this new iMac.

Now, Apple Support says that something bad (what, they are not sure) must be coming from my old iMac to my new iMac via Migration Assistant, and THAT is why the iDisk won't work with the new iMac. If I would only wipe the hard disk again, re-install everything again, and not transfer any user information from the old iMac to the new iMac, THEN the Dot Mac iDisk should work. The logic of this escapes me, because the Dot Mac iDisk works fine with the old iMac, but that is their opinion.

Well, that is the background. HERE is the question...

Since Apple Support seems convinced that I can't use Migration Assistant to move things from the old iMac to the new iMac, and that I absolutely can't transfer user information from the old iMac to the new iMac...how do I migrate from an old iMac to a new iMac? Do I have to lose my iTunes accounts and libraries? iPhoto libraries? Document folders or desktop folders under specific user accounts? What do I have to do, to migrate without using Migration Assistant?

Thanks to all who would care to reply.

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    Connect the two computers with a FireWire cable, start up the old computer with the T key held down, and move the contents of each account's home folder other than Library from the old machine to the new one. The accounts need to be manually created and logged into prior to migration, and you should only migrate to an account when logged into it.