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I have been using windows and pc products for over 16 years. I am looking at getting the new imac 20" 2.4GHZ but, I am also looking at the Dell xps 720 and new 630. I am video editing quite a bit. I always use Vegas 8.0 Pro which is fantastic!(windows only) Now, I am aware of bootcamp and love that but, my concerns are a few things.
1. The Dell xps 630 has a Nvidia 8800 GT video card vs the imacs ATI radeon hd 2600 pro. My question is will the 2600 hd keep up with higher end editing with an "imac 4gb configuration and 750 hard drive?"
2. BootCamp question: I am aware that if I dedicate more than 32gb of space of the imac hard drive to windows, it will be ntfs and "not" writeable only readable. My question is, when I record some files onto the drive while using windows through bootcamp, can I record them direct to the "apple side" of the drive so I don't have to dedicate too much drive space to windows to begin with. I only want to use just a little of the drive to have my windows programs on it. So basically I'm saying, can I be working in windows and saving direct to apple side of the partition. And if I can, will that allow me access them using windows if they are saved on the mac part of the drive?
3. Last question, if Dell xps has a far superior graphics card, why go with the imac? I really do LOVE that imac! I just want to know, with what my situation is, would it be wise to get the imac? Thank you all so much!!

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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