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I have been using windows and pc products for over 16 years. I am looking at getting the new imac 20" 2.4GHZ but, I am also looking at the Dell xps 720 and new 630. I am video editing quite a bit. I always use Vegas 8.0 Pro which is fantastic!(windows only) Now, I am aware of bootcamp and love that but, my concerns are a few things.
1. The Dell xps 630 has a Nvidia 8800 GT video card vs the imacs ATI radeon hd 2600 pro. My question is will the 2600 hd keep up with higher end editing with an "imac 4gb configuration and 750 hard drive?"
2. BootCamp question: I am aware that if I dedicate more than 32gb of space of the imac hard drive to windows, it will be ntfs and "not" writeable only readable. My question is, when I record some files onto the drive while using windows through bootcamp, can I record them direct to the "apple side" of the drive so I don't have to dedicate too much drive space to windows to begin with. I only want to use just a little of the drive to have my windows programs on it. So basically I'm saying, can I be working in windows and saving direct to apple side of the partition. And if I can, will that allow me access them using windows if they are saved on the mac part of the drive?
3. Last question, if Dell xps has a far superior graphics card, why go with the imac? I really do LOVE that imac! I just want to know, with what my situation is, would it be wise to get the imac? Thank you all so much!!

Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions, riff4me!

    I like Macs a lot but if you are familiar with PCs and need to use a PC only program, I'm hard pressed to give you a great reason to not buy the Dell. If you can find an acceptible substitute for Vegas Pro that runs natively on the Mac, then maybe I can be more convincing.
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)
    Last question, if Dell xps has a far superior graphics card, why go with the imac?

    So you don't have to deal with Windows.

    However, if you are going to be getting a Mac and still dealing with Windows, I can't think of a good reason, except that you can reboot to Mac OS X whenever you are not doing video editing.
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    1. 8800GT is by far a superior GPU than the ATI 2600. However the MacBook Pro just got an upgrade and is now running the 8600GT 512MB GPU and I am expecting to see the iMac upgraded with the same or better in the near future.

    2. Windows does not recognize the Mac partition. You could use an external drive.

    3. Depending on how good your current computer is, I would wait for the next iMac revision and see if they upgrade the GPU. Otherwise you are probably better off going with the Dell.

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    I was faced with the same choice just a few months ago, so let me give you my perspective.
    I have been a pc user for quite a number of years when it finally occurred to me that I was paying a premium price to help Microsoft debug the Windows os. The massive amount of bloatware that was included with EVERY manufacturer installed version of Windows started to get on my nerves. Plus the fact that daily virus updates were not an option, but a necessity.
    If you wanted "safe" browsing, your firewall would block most sites, but you were foolish to turn it off.
    Windows updates were just as bad. Your system would update willy-nilly without you having any idea what was being updated.
    In short, it got to be a pain in the * just to go online.

    With my iMac (20" 2.4 w/750gig hd) work is a pleasure. I have no fear of a virus attack on email or from any sites that I visit. Updates are a dream. I now check sortware updates once a week and there is usually nothing to update. My boot times are less than 20 seconds where on my pc it would usually take from 3 to 4 minutes.

    If you get your iMac DO NOT get your memory from Apple, unless you prefer to be ripped a new one. I got my memory (4 Gig Ram) from OWC for less than $100.00 total, but there are many others out there.

    hope this helps.
  • macbookair Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I was going to ask a similar question because I have been looking at the market ie- pc and mac to compare products ,specs etc.
    The pc/dell's market have a far superior/strong spec against the mac (even the extreme) as I have been looking at both the XPS 420 ,630 and 720.

    Personally i'n unsure of what to do myself as I have been using macs since 1999.
    I'm unsure whether to switch or stay with the mac.
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    To me, the Dell comes with Windows Vista. Macs come with Mac OS X Leopard. You can run Windows on Macs (in various ways) if you want. You're suck with Windows on the Dell (unless you count Linux as a viable option). The comparison ends right there...
  • macbookair Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I agree and MAC OSX is far superior to the Vista OS.I'm just looking at the pc market in general and there's some very strong specs for the same money.
  • macbookair Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    After researching i'm going for the iMac 20" 2.4.
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)
    Looks like you already have a 24" iMac at 2.4 GHz...
  • macbookair Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    yes it does but no because I sold it last week.I'm going to go for another iMac because I love them and the pure ease of use ,OS and software make it a dream.

    I'm using windows vista at the moment and I have to say that the longer I use it the more irritating it's getting.

    What are your thoughts kenichi on the revisions for the imac?
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,460 points)
    The current model is more than 7 months old, the MacBooks just go the new Penryn chip, and the school shopping season is coming up. We're not suppose to "speculate" in the forum so I'll leave it there...

    I recently bought a previous gen white 17-inch iMac 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo on the Apple refurb page. I think it's awesome. I have a bigger display, so the iMac is actually off to the side as the "second" display, extending my desktop. For me, the smaller size is an advantage. Not bad for $849 + tax.
  • macbookair Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    hi kenichi,
    Hey I understand and it is speculation but i'm thinking of holding now just incase there is a penryn refresh on the cpu and gpu which would be great.

    you got a good deal at the refurb store and it's a handy 2nd display ,the uk store is very ltd to what it offers but at the moment it has 2x alu imac's on offer.
  • bbolin Level 3 Level 3 (520 points)
    You can safely ignore Quiet Life, who has an axe to grind and a post history that only consist of negative statements about the iMac. Quiet Life is part of a small group who are convinced there is a vast conspiracy at Apple to sell only defective products because their iMac had issues. The 20" iMac is a great machine and has been trouble free for me since I bought in in Decemeber.
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