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Recently I have had battery problems on my powerbook G4 1.25 Mhz. It works fine for some time and then an "X" appears on the battery icon. Once the "X" appears I can still run on the batter or run it off of the adapter but it will not charge. If I simply remove the battery while the monitor is closed and then place it back in the powerbook runs fine for a couple of days then I have the same problem. I can also get rid of the "X" by reseting the PRAM or PMU but removing the battery is quicker and nothing the computer does not shut down.
I have read posts similiar problems but not quite like this. My battery is about 2-3 years old from a recal in 05 or 06 and my hard drive recently crashed and I installed a new one. The new hard drivee is at 5400 RPM while the onle one was 4xxx. The battery problem began about a week or so after I replaced the Hard drive. The powerbook itself is about 4.5-5 years old.
My thoughts are:

Battery is bad
PMU Hardware is bad
Somehow I can't replace a hard drive correctly or the new hard drive is causing problems.

Any help is appreciated.


Powerbook G4 15", Mac OS X (10.3.x), New Hardrive 512 Ram
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    If your battery is 2-3 years old, it may just be getting worn out, especially if it has a lot of cycles. Batteries will wear out, both from use and from old age. If it is going south, then it could just be working more and more erratically. I believe the "X" is an indication that the battery is not being recognized. It may be that resetting the PMU will allow it to be recognized temporarily. But it sounds to me that the battery is likely bad.

    The best test would be to find someone with the same PowerBook that you have and trade batteries and see if the problem goes with the battery. Or try as known good battery in your PowerBook. If you have access to an Apple Store, it may be possible they would have a known good battery you could try.

    Also, remove the battery and see how your PowerBook runs off of the power adapter alone. If it runs with no issues, then there is not a problem with your hard drive replacement.

    I replaced the 30 GB hard drive in my iBook with a 120 GB Western Digital drive. My battery was in good health, and I have had none of the issues you have been experiencing. My new drive does run hotter than the old one, so it's possible your new drive may be putting a slightly heavier load on your battery. So if your battery was marginal to begin with, the new drive may just be bringing out the underlying battery problems that likely were already there.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!