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Installed Itunes on my second computer. When I dock the Ipod shuffle a message appears:
"the ipod "------'s ipod is synced with another itunes library. do you want to erase this ipod and sync with this i tunes library? an ipod can be synced with only one itunes library at a time. erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this ipod with the contents of this itunes library"
press "erase and sync" or "cancel"
my problem: i don't want my ipod shuffle's contents erased because i have a lot of contents from cds i burned. these songs from the cds are not in the library! but they're all in the library of the other computer. now i can't even buy songs because ipod is not synced. please help!

PC, Windows XP Pro
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    You can only sync the iPod shuffle with one computer.

    now i can't even buy songs because ipod is not syn

    Buying songs has nothing to do with the iPod.
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    Is there a way to dock a 2nd gen ipod shuffle with another PC without erasing and syncing with the new PC? I want to be able to sync my ipod with my home PC and then be able to plug it in at work and view the tracks on the shuffle. I don't want to erase anything, just view the tracks in Itunes on the 2nd PC. Is there a way to do this?
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    There is an opensource project on sourceforge that should help you better consolidate your music between two computers.

    It is a Windows Only solution, and is not entirely a ;point and click' solution as it involves python script - but it achieves the desired goal of unifying your music.
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    Meh, I'm hoping there's some way to do it in Itunes easily. You should be able to just view the tracks and play them without syncing! You can do it with regular Ipods. Oh Apple.
  • 0Ari0 Level 5 (4,995 points)
    There's an app for Mac OS X called iPodDisk that does exactly what you want...unfortunately I don't know of a Windowa equivalent.