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I started backing up my email from my Google account to Apple Mail using POP. I thought I was getting duplicates in my Apple Mail so I deleted them. Then I realized they weren't duplicates, I just didn't have my smart folder set up correctly.

All the mail is all still in my Gmail account but Apple Mail is only downloading newer ones that hadn't been previously saved. Is there a way to make Apple Mail start over?
  • Keith Parobek Level 4 Level 4
    When using Mail v3.2, trash the file "DefaultCounts" from your User/Library/Mail folder and relaunch Mail. All the mail on your Gmail account should download like the first time.

    You don't show a profile, so the file I listed may be called something else depending on what OS version of Mail you are using.


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  • feddeg Level 3 Level 3
    or mark all messages in gmail as unread, then restart mail.app (at least for eudora it worked liked this)
  • David Gimeno Gost Level 7 Level 7
    Gmail handles this differently from any other POP server. To make the already downloaded messages available for POP access again, you must go to Gmail’s Settings > Forwarding and POP page, select Enable POP for all mail, and click Save Changes.

    BTW, please fill in the Computer Model and Operating System fields on your My Settings’s profile (and click Save). This is essential information that should always be provided when asking for help...
  • feddeg Level 3 Level 3
    oh yeah, that was it! I forgot, sorry for giving wrong info *blush*
  • The MTB Level 2 Level 2
    Ok, two questions.

    1) Does Apple Mail archive the mail from my sent folder on Gmail also? Because when I look in my sent folder on Apple Mail, nothing is there.

    2) I have a folder labeled "Archive" and when I look in it, it says "Archive -- On My Mac (12157 Messages) and that number is growing but I cannot seem to find where they are going to. They do no seem to be showing up in the archive folder.
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    Actually, on top of answering my last two questions, could you guys tell me how to delete everything in my Apple Mail and start over?

    I couldn't figure out why I had so many emails and where they were going. So I started looking through Apple Mail and somehow I have literally 10-20 copies of the exact same email. Its a mess. Dozens of emails have been duplicated like that.
  • The MTB Level 2 Level 2
    I am using mail 2.1.3