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I'm visiting Buenos Aires and my Macbook air has been intermittently having a problem with the trackpad. The cursor will jump around and the scroll function (2 fingers) was erratic. I tried a bluetooth mouse and it still wasn't "right".

I just figured out that it only happens with the charger is connected. This did not occur in the US but Argentina is 220V...that must be a contributing factor. I'm using the standard charger supplied with the MBA and an adapter. The plug is the type with 2 slanted prongs ... / \ .

I'll probably call Applecare when I get back to the States but thought others may be having this difficulty, so I'm posting my experience. If someone at Apple is monitoring this and forwarding it for investigation, I'd appreciate an email so I don't spend the time.

Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 1.6GHz with 80GB HDD
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