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I was turning down my music as is was a bit to loud. and the volume down got stuck and the volume. ringer and call volume goes to mute so I can not turn the volume back up as it will go down again. and when i unlock my iphone the ringer bit comes up with the volume on mute and does not go away.
Is there a way of getting it unstuck without voiding my warrenty and not taking it to apple. or would a o2 store be able to sort it out.

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    I take it that you mean the volume button on the side of the iPhone? If so, then if pressing on it doesn't unstick it, all you can do is take it back to the 02 store, if you bought it there, and organise a replacement as per the terms of the warranty, which covers defective parts for 1 year, assuming that you haven't dropped it. If it's become stuck simply be pressing it, I would assume that this comes under normal use, and a replacement should be unquestioned. Don't try and fix it yourself, as any attempt which left any marks, would most likely void your warranty.

    Good luck with it. By the way, it's always worth doing a hard reset/reboot, followed by a restore, if the first doesn't help, just to rule out any software glitches, though in your case, it doesn't seem likely, but still worth a try, and may save you a visit to the store.

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    I have tried a full restore and that dident help, Pressing on it dident help either I will go to the o2 shop tomorrow as I have the day off school. my mum said that she did buy it from o2 shop. just hope they dont tell me to go the carphone warehouse as I have had lots of problems with them
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    I had a similar problem after using the iPhone in an airport. I talked on my iPhone before the flight, no problem hearing the caller. I set it to airplane mode for the flight, and used the headphones that came with iPhone. Had a nice flight listening to my music library on iPhone. Then after my flight, I could not hear my callers. I rebooted the phone, I played with the volume, I tried speakerphone, nothing worked. Then I thought maybe the headphones did something. I hooked up the headphones, backtraced my steps with the iPhone, tried a few different settings, and finally I was able to hear my callers, in speakerphone and regular. It was the weirdest problem I've had with iPhone yet, and the most stressful. I have friends who won't buy an iPhone because I'm having so much trouble with mine. Now I'm wondering why I keep the thing.
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    I actually wish I never got the iphone as I have had nothing but problems with it. I haven't tried jail breaking it as the iphone contract is cheaper than my old one and it has better stuff for what I used to get.
    all my friends who have the iphone have had problems with theres but there warrenty is void as they jailbroke them lol
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    Question solved called apple earlier today and they are sending a box to send it back for repair under warranty