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I need to seriously resync my Photo Library to my iPhone. As I get further down in my library, clicking on one picture thumbnail will bring up an entirely different picture. It ceased to be amusing when I was showing off my iPhone to my umpteenth friend and a naked pic of my panties or my ex bf came up, I mean, literally, came up. blush CLASSIC! Has this happened to anyone else?

It seems to be consistent. I know now to click on a certain wrong thumbnail to bring up the exact pic I want. CRAZEE! But I certainly can't let acquaintenances go thumbing randomly through my photo library, no matter how badly they want to check out the new iPhone. I have friends who won't buy one because I'm having so much trouble with mine.

iPhone 8GB
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    Have you tried restoring the iPhone yet? You can find information on restoring the iPhone here:

    With the issues that you are reporting in other posts, it sounds like this may be an excellent step for you.

    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.
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    Defiantly. Restore is the save all.

    At one point I was even getting wrong numbers dialed when I would touch one of my "favorites" that a restore fixed.

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    Naked panties? I can just see that one, interesting. RW

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    I've actually recently had this issue pop up as well and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to fix it. I think, for me at least, it may have popped up when I was trying to sync my photos to my iPhone while running (and editing) stuff in Aperture.

    I did find a fix that worked for me (without the restore). I navigated into the "iPod Photo Cache" folder in my Aperture library and removed it. Then I re-synced my photos to my iPhone, and presto, new and correct thumbnails. I think at one point the iPod Photo Cache was corrupted, and so I had to have it remade.

    If you are using iPhoto, then theoretically all you have to do is go to your corresponding "iPod Photo Cache" folder (found in: Pictures/iPhoto Library) and delete that folder (or move it to the desktop in case you want to be safe). Then resync your phone. It should say that your phone is synced with another library or folder, and as if you want to sync to the new one. Say yes, and it will start re-optimizing your photos (and thumbnails).

    I hope that helps. It helped me, and I didn't have to do a phone restore (which didn't even seem to work for me).

    Further, and this is just a guess, I would avoid editing or moving your pictures in iPhoto while syncing to the iPhone.