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How do I move my PC Outlook contacts to my new iMac? .Right now I have all of them in Outlook and in my iPhone.

I did my move from Windows Vista to Mac 20 days. I have my iPhone contacts (about 400) sync'd with Outlook and I would like to sync them with whatever is the best in my new iMac. I am new to Mac so I am not familiar yet with the applications I got with my computer. I installed Office for Mac Student and Home edition but it does not have anything like Outlook.
What will it be the best way to transfer all my contacts to Mac so I can syn my iPhone without loosing any information?

IMAC 24 2.8, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2 GB RAM
  • Nathan C Level 5 Level 5

    You have two options. If you have installed Microsoft Office 2008, it probably included Entourage which is Microsoft's version of Outlook for the Mac.

    The other option is iCal for your calendars and Address Book for your contacts that comes with Mac OS X.

    This article discusses setting up syncing:

    The first time you sync you will be prompted if you want to merge your data, or replace the data on the iPhone or the computer.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    The iPhone sync process for contact information, calendar events, and bookmarks is bidirectional with the support applications on a Mac or Windows PC.


    Office for a Mac includes Entourage which is very much like Outlook. Entourage combines an email client, calendar and address book.

    The supports applications on a Mac for syncing contact information, calendar events, and bookmarks is Apple's Address Book application for contact information, the iCal application for calendar events, Safari for bookmarks and Entourage for contact information and calendar events. Entourage data is actually synced with Apple's Address Book application and iCal which the iPhone syncs with.

    You can sync your iPhone with the Address Book application and iCal or you can forward all Outlook contact information as separate vCard files attached to an email message sent to an email account that you access on your Mac - with Apple's Mail application or with Entourage. The received vCard attachments can be saved outside of the received message to a folder created on your Desktop or your desired location. Use the Address Book application to import the vCards from this folder to the Address Book database.