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Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Leopard and not iTunes will not work. Upon opening it it sticks on "Determining Gapless Playback". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I get the same thing.

Any ideas? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), other
  • Cappie99 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Some more info. iTunes becomes unresponsive and will not even close. I'm not able to shut down my computer without a force quit because iTunes will not let the computer shut down. I have all my music/media on an external drive.
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    same thing is happening with mine! it is so annoying...itunes freezes almost immediately after i open it... it says "determining gapless playback information" and when its to about song #18 or #19, it completely freezes and i can't do anything with it and i have to "end task". maybe it's vista because on XP this never happened and this is a brand new computer so...

    any ideas??
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    I am having the same problem of freezing iTunes. I am using a G4 ibook with a newly installed version of Mac OSX 10.4 with all the most recent updates installed. I have run disk utility and the hard drive has no reported problems. Other than iTunes, system is working fine.

    The music library has about 3200 songs. I have tried all of the following based on recommendations from forums, but NOTHING has worked so far:

    1. Transferring songs one song at a time, or one folder at a time
    2. Turning off gapless playback for songs already in the library
    3. Stopping the gapless playback process in the progress bar window
    4. Turning off "Sound Enhancement"
    5. Turning on "Cross Fade Playback"

    The program either freezes when it attempts to determine the gapless playback information, or the entire database is corrupted, and I lose all the music when restarting the program and see the message that it is trying to read the .xml file. There is no consistency to the freezes. It can occur on any track randomly, and never the same track twice. I have trashed and re-trashed the iTunes preferences file to start fresh, but the problem always recurs.

    I wonder whether the problem may be specific to PowerPC processors, because I recently transferred a similar size library to an Intel iMac with no such problems.

    When iTunes freezes, the entire system becomes inoperable. I am unable to force quit iTunes, or access any other Finder functions. The only way out is to restart by holding down the power key. I have seen many similar reports and am hoping Apple will address this problem. In the meanwhile, is there a way to edit the plist preference file before starting iTunes in order to turn off the gapless playback option?
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    Determining gapless playback does not happen instantaneously. Walk away for an hour and come back. I have over 15,000 songs and it takes a while.

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    The same exact thing happens to me.
    The only difference in our problems is that I own a MacBook, am running OSX 10.5.2, and have some 6,000+ songs in my library.
    If this problem could be solved, that would be great, but until then I'm stuck not being able to listen to music on my computer. =/
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    So has anyone figured out a solution other than maybe "walking away for an hour?"
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    I wish walking away for an hour could help my problem, but alas it freezes my entire computer.
    Anyway, I can only hope that the new update of iTunes will fix the problem, seeing as how it only started upon updating to 7.6.2. If not then it's off to the Genius Bar for me..
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    Walking away doesn't solve anything. After about 15 minutes, my laptop screen went blank and I had to turn my computer off. I don't understand what is the problem. It was working fine and not it crashes my computer. Support told me to uninstall iTunes and Quick Time, which I did and it still is doing it. Why would it work and now it's not? I haven't put any new software or hardware on this computer so what's the deal? Anyone have the solution, since Apple wants to charge for a phone call.
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    Hi Karen.

    Your probably more likely to get the help you need in the iTunes for Windows forum.


    Good Luck!

    MWN :o)