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So I'm trying to load onto my new MacBook our corporate image (I'm in IT and know the person who created the image, so I'm not doing this without them knowing). Here are the steps I'm following based on everything I've found on the web:
- Create Partition in Boot Camp
- Boot into XP SP2 CD and format Boot Camp partition with NTFS
- Once normal windows installation begins I reboot the computer with my corporate image CD (it's a Windows PE Disk)
- It loads into Windows PE fine, I select the Ghost image (which is a Windows XP SP2 build), point it to my Boot Camp partition and away it goes
- When I reboot it into Windows, it loads but I have no Keyboard, No Mouse, No USB, etc.

I can tell I lose USB because if I use an external optical mouse as soon as windows starts to load the red light just shuts off.

Any ideas?


iMac G5 and MacBook (Early 08 Rev), Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9
    I don't know how to get keyboard support for now, unless you have 3rd party board, but you need drivers from Apple on the Leopard DVD. When you are in Windows, it should open to /Bootcamp directory with an

    Apple setup.exe

    that adds HAL and motherboard, k/b, etc device drivers and support.

    Catch-22 I know