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David Pipgras Level 1 (5 points)
Hey all. Have a questions that I can't seem to answer - I have an iPhone (8GB) and e-mail set up with Comcast. I can receive mail fine, but my problem is that when I delete mail, and then check my mail again, I get the same message again.

For example: I can check mail and receive 50 new e-mails. I go through them and delete them as needed. An hour later, I check my mail and will download the SAME 50 messages I just got, plus any new ones. As a result, I constantly have 100+ emails being downloaded all the time, and this makes the whole e-mail option kinda pointless.

Obviously something is not right, so any suggestions?

BTW - I am using 1.1.4 (or whatever version is last) and this has been a constant issue since 1.0).


PowerMac Quad, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • abellan Level 4 (1,235 points)
    When you check the mail, it is not removing the message from the server. So when you delete it only takes the message off of the iPhone. The next time you check mail, the messages are still there and are pulled down again.

    If Comcast supports IMAP, then whatever you delete on the phone will be deleted from the server as well.
  • Nathan C Level 5 (6,260 points)

    This usually means the POP3 server is not updating the messages as read for whatever reason.

    Are there any of the 100 messages you want?

    If not, you can delete them via Comcast's webmail page, or try from a different email client.

    If there are some you don't want, clear them in Comcast's webmail, or set up your other email client to delete messages off the server when removed from Inbox, and clean up the list.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
  • List Lurker Level 1 (0 points)
    i've got the same problem and i understand your answer BUT I HAVE THE STUPID PHONE SET TO CHECK E-MAILS MANUALLY .. sorry for the flame but i am sooooooooo ****** off at having to delete these repeatedly AND HAVING TO DELETE THEM INDIVIDUALLY

    i.e., why is the phone continuing to check e-mails on its own?

    p.s. mine have been totalling in the 100's each time i open the phone
  • Damon M. Level 4 (3,695 points)
    One thing to try.
    Delete the email account off the iphone.
    Go to settings > mail > comcast account and tap the delete button at the bottom.

    Once the email account is reset your network settings.
    Go to settings > general > reset and reset network settings.
    This will reset any network information on the iphone.
    The iphone will restart.

    Once the iphone is restarted, manually add the email account back to the iphone.
    The settings should be:

    Pop Account Information
    Name: your name
    Address: your email address
    Description: what ever you want

    Incoming Mail Server
    Host Name: mail.comcast.net
    User Name: the part of the email address before the @ symbol
    Password: your email password

    Outgoing Mail Server
    Host Name: smtp.comcast.net:587
    User Name: same user name as incoming mail server
    Password: same password as incoming mail server

    Now tap save.
    If you get the error about not being able to connect using ssl, tap no.
    After the error message, tap save again.
    You might get a message about might not be able to send or receive, tap save anyway.

    This will kick you back to the main accounts screen.
    Tap on the comcast account.
    go to the bottom and tap on advanced.

    For incoming settings
    Use SSL: off
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 110

    Outgoing Setting
    Use SSL: off
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 587

    Hope this helps.