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I just purchased a new Dell 1320c to use with both my Dell laptop and my desktop eMac. I can print just fine using the laptop after installing my drivers that came with the printer. However, I can't install the drivers on the eMac using the CD that came with the printer.

I did google the situationn and found a Mac discussion that gave details on how to install a driver from a fujixerox website. Unfortunately, the discussion told about how to install onto OS 10.4 machine, not the 10.3.9 that I am using. Also, they gave directions to network printing, which I could do, though the printer is sitting right next to the eMac, so I would just as soon print via USB.

I did download the driver for 10.3x from the Fujixerox site.

Any help much appreciated. Dell tech support could not help me.

eMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Hi, Capster. Why would you buy a printer to use with a Mac from a company that spends a great deal of time and energy trying to discourage anyone from buying Macs, and certainly isn't interested in supporting Mac users? Sure, you have a Dell computer too, but why not buy a printer from a company who supports both platforms?

    I'd return the printer if I were you.
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    I did download the driver for 10.3x from the Fujixerox site.

    Normally, you double-click on the installer package, and it goes through the installation. What is the question, more specifically?
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    Hello Capster,

    I have gotten the 1320c to print over USB using a MAC. However I was using 10.5 but i assume the Driver you want to be using is still going to be the same or rather the PPD File is going to be the FX C525. Use the CUPS interface to install, and customize it, I do remember when I installed it, it was having problems feeding from tray one and only feeding from the MPF, but we changed those options in CUPS and now it successfully prints.
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    I found some better instructions on how to do this, this is for a Networked 1320C, but it's practically the same protocal for USB.

    To talk to a networked Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer using OS X 10.4 follow these steps.
    follow these steps this should help you out.

    Download the driver for the DocuPrint C525 from here: http://www.fujixerox.com.au/support/drivers/307
    Double click the icon to install after it downloads. When the install is finished you can delete the installer.

    From the Apple menu open System Preferences and select Print & Fax.
    Click the + to add a printer.
    Select IP Printer.

    Select for the Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Type the IP address: or whatever it happens to be assigned you network. You may need a Windows machine to configure an IP address OR you can look at your routers DHCP table for where it was assigned. After you know this you can actually log into the printer from your web browser to change any settings.
    Name the printer "color laser" or whatever you'd like it to be.
    For Print Using select: FX
    Next select FX DocumPrint C525 A-AP v1.2 in the box below.
    On the next screen you must select 250 Sheet Feeder is as an option. Otherwise it will only manual feed.

    Click Ok.

    Print something.

    Paper Source is not automatically selected on this printer. It won't print unless you set it. This is found in the printer options called Printer Features. The paper should menu should be set to Auto or 250 Sheet Feeder.

    Do a Save As... for the Printer Profile. So you don't have to check this every time the set that Profile as the Default.

    The steps for OS X 10.5 are nearly the same. The difference is that you don't have to download the driver from the website.

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    Hi DBeans78,

    Thank you for your helpful post.
    I have a networked 1320c.
    I followed all your instructions and the printer appears in the list in the Print Dialogue Box, but it will not print - it says "unable to connect to printer".
    I have the correct IP address for the printer.
    I am using OS 10.4.11.
    I notice that in the Print Dialogue Box the 3rd drop-down menu displays the settings and the 7th item in this menu "FXMJobAuthentication PDE" is crossed out and if selected it says
    "This panel is not compatible with your computer. Contact the printer manufacturer for the latest version of your printer software.
    1.0.0 build 1, Copyright 2004 Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
    1.0.0 "
    This is strange when I had just downloaded the latest version from the FujiXerox website as you instructed.
    Any further suggestions?
    What different steps would I take to connect by USB?
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    Thanks for your efforts thus far ... I am using Parallels with my MacBook Pro. I was successful connecting my Dell 1320c to my Mac (with Parallels) using both my wireless Internet card as well as via a direct connect. However, when I added the Dell 1320c Color Laser Printer as a Generic Postscript Printer driver, I could not get anything to print. As I am using OSX 10.5, I am unable to download the FujiXerox printer driver. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Mark
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    Hi, I've downloaded the driver from the Fuji site and when I install it I get the message that it will not install on my Mac. I'm using 10.5.4 and didn't understand the comment that I don't need to download the driver. I've done the other printer addition steps using the ip address other windows machines use in our office. Thanks, Lynn
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    Don't know how much it will help, but when downloading the drivers, I had to change the extension to .dmg before my installer would recognize it. Once I did that, it installed fine and following the steps given I was able to print from my Macbook Pro over my local network (the printer is hooked up to a PC running XP, but I don't think that makes a difference for this).
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    How did you get it to work via USB? CUPS?