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I bought my iPhone used about a month ago. The previous owner had dropped it and slightly cracked the screen, but everything still worked perfectly. He bought a brand new iPhone and kept his SIM card, and sold the old phone to me for $100 after wiping off all his personal info and software. I only wanted to use it as an iPod and for the Wi-Fi browser, so I was very happy and was having a lot of fun with it -- until I plugged it into my computer last night and made the mistake of letting Apple update my iTunes to the latest version. After downloading the software my phone won't work anymore. It can't even be restored to where it was before. I took it to the Apple store today and they said they can't help me because I don't have the SIM card. Long story short, I now have an iBrick. Why does Apple do this? I didn't do anything illegal, and I'm not asking to get anything for free. My use of this phone wouldn't cost Apple a dime, and actually nets them some income since I have purchased several songs on iTunes. The iTouch doesn't require a SIM card to play mp3s and use Wi-Fi -- so why does the iPhone? Somebody please explain this to me. Thanks in advance!

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