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Vincent Anthony Level 1 Level 1
When you have your iPhone plugged into your computer. On iTunes it has your iPhone size and it's divided in colors. Purple for music, video, orange, etc...well other is taking up a ton of space on my phone. What does "other" consist of? I want to clear some space on my phone.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    Other should consist of data such as iPhone settings, email and email attachments stored locally on the iPhone, SMS messages, Notes, contact information and photos assigned to contacts, calendar events, Safari cache, cookies and history.

    If Other is extremely large, more than 200-300 MB - depending on the size of your email and email attachments stored locally on your iPhone, this means some other data such as music, video or photos has been mis-categorized during the sync process.

    Try doing a restore which should reduce the size of Other if extremely large.