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Robert Huber Level 1 (35 points)
This is a weird one! I changed from my iPod to my iPhone for listening to music while I work out at the gym. I use a cardio program on the treadmill which periodically asks me to hold the heart monitor handgrips so that it can adjust speed and grade percentage to maintain the proper heart rate for my age. I have found that the heart monitor function on the LifeFitness brand treadmill goes bonkers whenever I use a data function on my phone (checking email, etc.). I am not holding the grips but the heart rate digital readout suddenly jumps to hummingbird levels! The machine responds by suddenly jumping out of the program and going super slow and flat grade to keep the user from having a heart attack. This happens on all the machines. Bummer. Probably no fix possible on phone side, but the makers of these machines are going to need to build in shielding for these new generation devices.

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    If all you want to do while exercising is listen to music put the phone in 'Airplane Mode'. That should take care of the problem. It occurs to me that the problem that you are experiencing is not only a danger to you but also a danger to others using similar equipment in the proximity of your phone. Since your purpose for going to the gym is to achieve a good work out perhaps it is best that you not check email while using the equipment.
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    Any GSM phone will do this. Search Wiki for GSM Noise to learn about it.