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    Open "Activity Monitor" (just go to Spotlight and type that Activity Monitor and hit enter). Then you can monitor the two cores from there in the CPU tab. [You can also display a small and convenient floating bar that stays on top of windows by going to "Window > Floating CPU Window > Vertically" (or hit cmd+5).]

    Once you have this running and you run into a CPU shutdown you will see one of the two CPU monitors falling to zero and the other typically near peaking.

    This happens to me if I just watch 10-15 min straight on youtube.
  • seanahn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    So, no resolution yet?

    I noticed this problem while I do voice over IP on yahoo. My air froze after about 3 mins of talk, and, of course got disconnected and becomes unusable anymore. I powered off and powered on, went back to yahoo again. It gets frozen again after about 2 mins. After a couple more tries, I gave up and moved on my dell notebook to finish my talk.

    Then, I tried playing video. I see the same freezing problem. All the time in the past, the yahoo voice over IP or video were fine. I do think this core problem becomes worse as time passes.

    Now, I can easily reproduce the problem by playing two HD content videos on my air.
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    Same problem here. iI only happens when the MBA is plugged to the Apple 23" display. FYI, my MBA sits on a stand to improve air flow . My colleague sitting next to me bought the same MBA (only 1.6 GHz and not 1.8 GHz like me) just 3 weeks before me and he has the exact same issue when plugged to the 23" screen.

    I have noticed it happens more often when flash is being played from within Safari.I read somewhere that Flash on Mac can only use one core, maybe it is over using one core ?

    As soon as you unplug the external monitor, everything is back to normal.

    I have installed istat pro and it seems to happen when one core reaches around 60° C. the fan is locked at 6200 RPM and I believe it should go to 6500, maybe there is an issue with the fan here. When opening Activity Monitor I can see that the Kernel_task goes as high as 800% !!

    PLEASE APPLE FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP, the MBA is unusable with a second monitor. The problem will only get worse as summer arrives and many people wihtout air conditionning will see this issue worsen...
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    I got mine one week ago, and started freezing right after the first video played on iTunes, and does that on every processor demanding operation, like video editing, medium-large photoshop files, etc. IT DOES NOT fail when using low demanding programs like Word or Safari, (hence the reason why many people does not complain) but in my case I would have loved to be informed in Apple's website that this was an alegant but sub-standard machine, fitted only for basic users. As the Apple fan and heavy consumer of Apple products that I am, I feel extremely dissapointed that Apple had the nerve to sell a machine that so obviously was not designed and tested properly.

    On a final note, Steve Jobs said at the MBA's presentation that it was a machine designed for the wireless era. Why would someone miss the optical drive if you can buy or rent a movie from iTunes? he said. well... I believed him, bought the MBA, the videos in iTunes and... Surprise!!! Those videos can't be played for more than 5-7 minutes without the MBA shutting down one of the cores, and freezing.

    If there is a fix that someone knows, besides the updates (already tried that, and still have the problem) please let us know.
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    Take your Air back to the store. I have mine since quite some time now and it has not shut down a core one single time, even when compiling or watching video. Looks like there are some machines having problems and others that don't.
    My machine is connected to a 23inch CinemaDisplay at work and it is running from 08:00 to 18:00 nonstop. The fan goes up to 6000 during TimeMachine Backups, otherwise the machine is absolutely silent.

  • econ-mit Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Well, I was completely dissuaded from returning mine after reading this
    which seemed to argue pretty convincingly that is a design issue, not a flaw that will show up in some machines and not others. This made me think that if I returned it I would have the same problem.

    I understand what you are saying, but I would be much more convinced if I had heard of at least one person that had had the problem, taken the computer to get exchanged and then found that the new one didn't have the problem. There is simply nobody that has reported that success that I know of.

    You see, maybe you haven't experienced it because you do not watch youtube videos or other videos that have the same decoding requirements. Or maybe the place you use your laptop is cool enough to compensate. Could you test watching 20min-30min youtube on your lap in a non refrigerated room?

    I know. You probably think that isn't the reason, that your machine is fine. But it odd isn't it that we see no reports of someone that has this problem and say that it was solved by an exchange.

    Is there anyone out there that has had the problem, exchanged the machine and found it solved?

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    I seem to have found a solution when this happen, simply unplugs your cord and the power manager will go from better performance to better battery life. This is not ideal but it works for me.
  • mathieun Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have read a post on Macintouch on this topic and someone suggested that it might be related to have _*Parallel installed (not even running)*_. I have parallel on my Mac and I experience the issue. Do you guys have it installed as well ?

    the post is here:
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    Try running VmWare Fusion and you will see the core shut down almost immediately! After trying for some time, I guess its a design flaw, the fan is not efficient enough! Apple. Please do something. No point designing the vent for air intake just beside the hot air vent; it will only take it warm exhaust air back in to the machine.
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    Parallels isn't on my machine and I have the same problem when connected to my Cinema display.
  • econ-mit Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    No parallels here. Just using Safari in youtube the way I should be able to!
  • Monty1945 Level 3 Level 3 (690 points)

    My Macbook Air doesn't exhibit that behavior at all and I've played many movie files lasting well over 10 minutes. That's very strange, and I've had this one almost since the first week they came out.

    In fact I've seen nothing of issue out of the ordinary at all. I have an Apple Superdrive and a 3rd party both working well and I haven't had any kind of a Kernel Panic, video shutdown or otherwise - it's worked flawlessly so far.

    Good Luck - Cheers,
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    In reply to:
    Open "Activity Monitor" (just go to Spotlight and type that Activity Monitor and hit enter). Then you can monitor the two cores from there in the CPU tab. http://You can also display a small and convenient floating bar that stays on top of windows by going to \"Window > Floating CPU Window > Vertically\" (or hit cmd+5).

    Once you have this running and you run into a CPU shutdown you will see one of the two CPU monitors falling to zero and the other typically near peaking.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------

    When you go into Activity Monitor and View CPU usage in the Dock, are the two cores represented by the two side by side bars?

    Also, in the actual activity monitor window, are the cores the two black monitors at the bottom of the window pulsing with various colors to indicate different usage processes?
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    While I was very skeptical and hesitant about this, it turns out that it is a manufacturing defect after all!

    I have been using Coolbook for a long time now to great success. However I decided this morning to finally crack open the case and took a look for myself.

    A few people have suggested that this issue is due to too much thermal grease being applied to the processor. After I opened up my MBA and lifted the heat plate, sure enough, there was a ton of extra thermal grease around the processor and I am guessing the video chip. After scraping off the extra and putting everything back together my MBA now runs perfectly without Coolbook and without the second core shutting down.

    Message was edited by: Marcus S. Zarra
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    Where did you find instructions on how to remove the thermal grease, or where to even look for it? Did you need any special tools to do it? I am very interested in playing WoW on a MBA. I have not gotten it yet, but I will be getting a 1.8GHz SSD MBA.
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