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I use firewire/windows XP. the ipod used to work, but now does not. I did the little tricky restore where you hold down the buttons and all....and it is supposed to say do not disconnect, but whenever I plug in the ipod 2G classic with the touch just says "OK TO DISCONNECT."

This is very unnerving considering the time it takes to get an answer plus I see that there are many people with the same has to be something simple, right?? or does it have to do with the new version of iTunes....or do I need to reinstall iTunes and erase the iPod? I am afraid of erasing the iPOD for fear of not being able to load anything back onto the iPOD....

what gives??? anyone know? I saw the links to the USB question under Manage USB devices, but I use the FIREWIRE cable...


Dell, Windows XP
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