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Hello all,

I just bought an XtremeHD HDMI-DVI cable and am trying to go directly with it to my Vizio HDTV. When I plug the DVI end into the MacBook Pro, the screen goes blue for a couple of seconds and then back to my desktop, but nothing happens on my TV! I definatley have the TV on the HDMI input, but I am still not seeing anything!

Any ideas would be VERY appreciated


Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Can you drag anything to the display? Does it go into screensaver when the main screen does? You may need to go into system preferences/displays and select mirroring if you want the external to be the same as the laptop screen (and you can also select the display icon for your menu bar for easier access in the future).
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    No it dosnt even get that far. My TV stays on the default black screen and says "no signal".
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    Do you have the correct DVI cord? See http://www.datapro.net/techinfo/dvi_info.html#Page05 for the varieties. My MBP connects to my HDTV with the DVI-D cable and works great.
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    Kitster 79:
  • JDesai Level 1 Level 1
    Kitster 79:

    Did you ever get your problem of connecting your HDTV with the MacBook Pro using the XtremeHD's HDMI>DVI cable resolved? If yes, I would like to know how you did it.
    I also have the MacBook Pro and Sony's 32XBR4 LCD HDTV, and I am not getting anywhere with the Xtreme HDMI>DVI cable. I have contacted both Sony and XtremeHD, and neither has been helpful. I was surprised to learn from the technical people at XtremeHD that my was the first complaint they ever had regarding the connection issue! I tried to contact the online Apple support on three occasions. Each time I was placed on a hold for over five minutes and then the phone automatically got disconnected! The local Apple store people are unable to help. I have sent an email today to Apple and am hoping that I will get a satisfactory response. Both my MacBook Pro and Sony LCD TVs are the latest models.

    April 1, 2008
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    Try connecting your MBP to the TV before you power it up. Then power it up and then try switching the display to it. Don't know if that'll help but worth a try.

    I've noticed that when I try to connect my MBP to my 30" Dell LCD when using XP Pro, I have to have it connected before I boot it up or else it'll act odd when i try to switch displays.
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    What exactly is the nature of the problem with the Sony and MBP? You say you are "not getting anywhere" but you have given no other details of exactly what the problem is. Hard to give advice in cases like that.
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    My problem was that I could not get the MacBook to recognize the Sony LCD Tv and vice-versa. So I was not able to put the MacBook's image on the TV. Anyway, I took my MacBook Pro and the XtremeHD DVI>HDMI cable to the Genious Bar of my local Apple store from which I had recently purchsed that cable. The genius found that the cable was defective. He tried other cables and they all worked in making the connection. Since the local store did not have any more DVI>HDMI cables he sent me to the local Best Buy store where I found the Monster's Ultra HDMI to DVI Video Adapter (Female HDMI to Male DVI). Before purchasing it, I used it to hook up my MacBook Pro with the Sony XBR4 LCD in the same Best Buy store and everything worked; no problem with the computer or the TV! I like the Monster adapter better because I am not limited to only 6 ft. length with the XtremeHD converter. I can use an HDMI cable of whatever length to connect the laptop to my TV. I do have a 12 ft HDMI>HDMI cable which works very well with the Monster converter.

    Jagadish Desai, April 2, 2008
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    Did you ever get it to work?

    I am experiencing problems of a related sort. I have a 17 " MBP and used a XtremeHD DVi-HDMI cable purchased from Apple. I connect the MBP to the HDMI 2 port on my Sony XBR4 46 inch and all I see is the background of the desktop on the TV. The cursor sometimes displays on the TV sometimes on the MBP, but no desktop icons and no output from VLC. When I go to system preferences/displays the XBR4 display does shows up on the TV.

    Can you suggest any advice? I'm trying to use this connection to play some TV programs via VLC.
    I assume the resolutions of the 2 devices don't have to match.


    What am I doing incorrectly.
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    You need to go to the "Displays" pane in System Preferences and turn on Mirroring. This makes the external monitor display what's on your computer's screen. You may need to mess with the resolution settings to get the best picture.

    With mirroring off (as you have it now) the computer is extending your screen with the TV on the side. You could grab things on the computer monitor and drag them over to the TV screen. You could even show movies on the TV while you do other things on the computer monitor.