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Hi all - am trying to figure out how to set up a new iMac at our country property with limited internet service. Don't want to even have a landline (for dial-up, heaven forbid) and cable is not available so want to use an Aircard over an existing AT&T/Cingular account. Has anyone else had experience connecting and running 10.4.11 or later thru an airport or other mobile modem and a Sierra 595 or similar setup? Wondering what kind of performance to expect and unknown hassles w/ card slots or USB connects, etc. before I start spending money on new gear. thanks - Slarti_O

imac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    You can use an AT&T USB aircard to connect. Speed depends on how close to a tower you are and how that tower is configured. If you can use your AT&T phone you can connect with the card. However, you will need to plug it directly into your computer, or if more than 1 computer you will need to use a router designed to handle wireless. Go to <http://www.evdoinfo.com/content/view/2144/40/> for more information on routers, cards etc. I don't work for them, but have bought from them. They have a great forums talking about use with MAC and Win. Their sales and tec. service have been excellent when I contacted them for information and help. In fact, I plan to soon upgrade my router and card through them. Good luck