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My Ipod Nano has stopped being recognized by my PC (Windows XP OS). After reading the discussion topics here I had a hope that after switching it to DISK MODE, the PC might recognize my Nano. However, it still doesn't. I hope the Wizrds out here rectify the problem I am facing with my IPod.

Ipod Nano 2GB, Windows XP Pro
  • Man Who Knows the Mac Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)
    Try restoring your iPod (in Disk Mode) from somebody else's computer. (This might replace everything on it with their music for the time being, but you already seem willing to wipe your iPod, so it should be OK.) If it works, then try to do the same thing again on yours. But the problem in this case would be not with your iPod but with your computer. Try reinstalling iTunes. If that doesn't work, then the issue is probably a more general one with your Windows installation and it may be difficult to find help here.

    If on the other hand your iPod won't restore in disk mode from ANY computer, then the only option I see remaining is to take it in for servicing.
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    Thanks for the reply, but my ipod still remains unrecognized. I can hear music that exists on my pod. The battery life is also ok. The issue is that it has stopped charging from the computer and remains unrecognized. So cannot do any additions, deletions or modification on my nano.
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    I have the same problem.
    I have tried out everything:
    - SP2, further updates...
    - complete reinstallation of Win XP
    - different USB Ports
    - reset the Ipod by pressing Menu + Select
    - Disk Mode
    - no other USB devices connected
    - etc. etc. etc.
    So what?? I am waiting for a solution...
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    Same problem as noted below. Reinstalled, updated drivers, disabled and enabled the drivers, reset, safe mode, try it again. Still the computer will not recognize it.

    Any other ideas?

    I ahve read through many discussion points and all just point to restore and disc mode. But once I did the restore from the nano, it would never allow me to reconnect to the PC to fully complete the restore