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OK, so i downloaded 1 album on my iPhone directly. I Then downloaded a movie on my iMac. OK....

So I sync my phone and load the movie onto it... but when it did this it erased my album that was on the phone and loaded the movie.... how do i recover the album ????

Remember I bought it on my phone with my regular iTunes account but downloaded it directly to my phone first.

THANKS !!!!!!

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    I'm would think you could sign into your iTunes account, and choose 'check for purchases' and then download the missing songs again. Hope this works for you.

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    nope... says i can only download once... theres an album and 1 song that is listed in my purchaces but I cant get them back.....

    i guess ill go down to the Apple store and ask them ...

    thanks for the help though !
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    Thing is ....

    I originally bought it and downloaded it directly on my iPhone. Then after I bought a movie on my iMac I synced the phone to load the movie and when I did that it cleared the library on my phone and loaded the movie so the album and song I bought and loaded directly to my phone never got put on my iMac....

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    Music that's been purchased directly on the iPhone is supposed to immediately transfer to the computer the next time you hook it up. In this case it should then be missing on the phone but then found on the computer. Are you sure you can't see it in your music library or under purchases? If not then you can ask the iTunes store support page if they can authorize you to download them again. Just explain the situation. Try this page... http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/lostmusic/
    if nothing there helps you, you can also use the contact us section at the bottom to explain it to them.