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Hi. I backed everything onto external HD using TM prior to reinstalling Leopard. Now that I have come to restore my files I find that my music and photos are incomplete, and have returned as they were transferred from my old Mac a few months ago. I cannot find music and photos added since. Any advice much appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 24inch, 2GB RAM, 2.4GHz Intel
  • Stanley Horwitz Level 4 (2,705 points)
    You didn't confirm that all your music and photo files were transferred to your current Mac? If so, how do you know your new Mac's TM backup isn't complete? TM certainly can't back up files that aren't there. What problem were you trying to solve by reinstalling Leopard on your new Mac?
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    Reinstalled Leopard because of frequent freezing unresponsive to other tips gleaned from the fora. This does seem to have been a success. All music and photos were transferred from my old to my current Mac. The problem is that it is only those which were transferred that I can now find on TM; all that I have added since I can't find. Would they be stored separately? I assumed-perhaps wrongly-that everything within iTunes and iPhoto would be backed-up together.
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    Reinstalled Leopard

    How did you reinstall - Archive and install - Erase and Install ?

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    Erase and install.
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    Have finally stumbled upon the answer; I had inadvertently been operating under slightly different usernames pre- and post- transfer to new computer, hence files stored separately. Have now recovered my stuff. Thanks for your consideration.