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My iTunes Library is over 1TB in size. Obviously there are no Apple TVs with big enough hard drives to sync to that, so I rely on streaming to play my content on Apple TV. I have 6 Apple TVs amongst various family members and none of them will stream over Ethernet when I use my iTunes Library as the source.

I connect to the library, enter the passcode, go to Shared Music, and get a spinning wheel for about 5 minutes. Then the Apple TV reboots itself. Happens every time, without fail on any unit.

Couldn't we at least have a warning or error message here if the size of the library is the issue? How big can the library be? What is the remedy for my situation? If it doesn't work, refunds would be appropriate.

MacBook Pro 17" 2.33ghz Intel Core2 Duo, 3GB RAM, 200GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I would love to know if all that 1GB of content was purchased and is legal.
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    i don't have any problems with that size of library, and all i do is stream.

    sounds like you have some other issue with your setup.
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    What kind of stupid remark is that? Just because I have a large library, you question its legality? Do you knock on the doors of rich people's homes and ask them if they stole the funds to buy their houses?

    You've got issues, buddy.

    For the record, all if it is from CDs I own, ripped to both Apple Lossless and AAC formats. One for home stereo purity, the other for portable listening and network streaming to Apple TVs and TiVos. Any other brilliant questions?
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    What size is your library?

    As I said, this issue comes up on different networks with different Apple TVs.
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    I am not at the 1 tb yet - only around 800 gb, but I have it streaming to 3 different AppleTVs and I do not have any issues. I will say that I did have a regular problem in the apartment I was in with one of them related to the wireless and I believe interference from a neighbor.

    Mine are all connecting wirelessly and even when they connect simultaneously, I do not have any issues. The only lag I see is that the media is on an external drive and it does take a minute while it spins up but then works fine.

    Another note is that I have mainly video rather than audio so the number of files would differ greatly as well. I think I should be able to add an additional 200 gb over the weekend to get over the 1 tb to see if it crashes any of my AppleTVs. Will see what it does...
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    I'm only up to about 600gb, but have no issues. With the update to Apple 2.0, accessing the content is so, so much easier. All of my streams(except to my main listening room) are wireless and after finding the right channel all seems to work fine.

    Have you tested a smaller library size on you network? Might be worthwhile to pinpoint the problem.

    just my .02.
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    doubt very much it's related to your libraries size.. i have about 1TB too and no problems and i have a 40GB AppleTV so every thing gets streamed... don't even bother with syncing... too much trouble for what it's worth.
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    are you trying to stream from multiple computers? you can only stream from 5 and sync from 1 at a time... could that be it?
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    I have over the size of your library and have never once had a problem streaming my content. I have a N router and my external hard drives are connected to a Mac Mini thats connected to the Airport N router via ethernet. You may be having problems with your network set up - is your drive(s) connected to the Airport/Wireless or to a computer? How is the computer hosting the iTunes accessing the network?
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    How can you "stream" from one computer which has the itunes on it.
    For some reason this person has the same issue I have and I am no where near 1TB of storage.
    Only 38 GB..

    the 40gb Apple TV ver 2.0 won't let me streammm

    Any ideas?
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    i'm not sure what the actual problem is... but this is how you get the items to stream... you don't set them to stream per se.. you just turn syncing off for them and then they are displayed on AppleTV just like the the synced content, but since they aren't synced (the are not physcially on the AppleTV) they get streamed on demand when you click on them.

    go in iTunes and click on the AppleTV icon under devices

    then go to the summary tab and select custom sync... IMPORTANT: make sure that the "Show only the synced items on my appleTV" is unchecked

    go to each tab and uncheck the "Sync" check box... do this for Movies, TV Shows, Music and Podcasts... in order to see the photos of the main/syncing iTunes you need to sync... streaming of Photos is not possible (think this is a bug).. you can stream from shared iTunes libraries though

    basically, if you turn syncing off for an item then the items will still be displayed on the AppleTV but will be streamed...

    also for both streaming and syncing to work you need to make sure the little check-box beside the items in the list is on or it won't be synced or streamed

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    That is not how Apple TV tell you to stream.

    You are supposed to go into Apple TV's settings menu and add a computer you want to stream from. Apple TV then displays a code, which you enter into iTunes on the computer you want to stream from. You then get a tab which lets you tell it where to find photos to stream. There are no settings for which music or videos to stream.

    Apple TV tells you to access your streamed content under the "Shared" menus under each media type.

    When I go to one of the shared menus, like "shared music", I get a spinner for about 5 minutes and then the Apple TV reboots and asks if I want to run diagnostics or restore to factory condition.

    On one attempt, I did a restore, and it went back to version 1 of the software. I couldn't stream from that either.

    I have no use for syncing and have never set that up.

    My network is completely wired, using 1 gigabit switches all connected to an Airport Extreme Base Station. The iTunes computer is a new 8-core Mac Pro. But loading the same library on my MacBook Pro 17" yields the same results. All media reside on external volumes.
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    unfortunately the help is wrong... it hasn't been updated since version 1 of the software.. would be good if lots of people informed apple that their help is wrong and confusing a bunch of people.

    you need to use the password to add any additional *non-primary accounts*... once they are added you can access their media through sharing... but to access from the *primary account* you also need to enter the password but you can enable syncing or you can turn syncing off and the media will be streamed... trust me i've been using it since take 2 came out.. that's how it works.. i have nothing synced (except for photos for the reason i mentioned) on my appleTV.. and yet i have access to every bit of my content... why? because it's being streamed.

    from the sharing you will only be able to access the media from the non-primary iTunes library (this is what is described in the help..)... e.g. my iTunes library is the primary iTunes library that is being synced.. if my wife is logged in with iTunes open.. if i go the sharing i see her music, movies etc through streaming... if you have another computer on your network the same.. you go to sharing and the content gets streamed

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    Thanks! Will give this a whirl and see if it works.
    Seems like it shouldn't make any difference whether it's primary or another itunes library..

    Thanks again.
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