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Hey folks. Just switched to Mac a couple weeks ago (got one of the new 17" MBP's with the matte hi-res display.) I was happy until this afternoon:

Notice the vertical line about halfway between the safari window and the edge of the screen

That's right it shows up in windows too

In fact, it shows up as soon as the display turns on. Here's a few seconds after powering on, during Leopard boot:

No trouble codes show up in hardware test. I reset the PRAM during boot (why? I don't know I was looking to try any diagnostic info I could find)...no change. I pulled out the battery for a minute, nothing. I booted while attached to the power supply, and while not attached. nothing.

Since this shows up immediately, I'm afraid its hardware related. I don't know what conditions caused it to appear, or when it appeared, but I was not playing a game or doing anything graphics intensive, though my screensaver has activated a time or two today.

Any ideas? Is there a way to reset the display?

MBP 4.1, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2GB ram, hi-res matte display
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    Unfortunately, this does look like it may be a hardware problem with the built in display. One thing to try is to hook up an external display and see if it has the same problem. If it does not, then the problem is likely with the internal display. Since you ran the Apple Hardware Test, the video chip itself is likely OK. So I would expect the external display to not have the line.

    Very likely this is an intrinsic problem that just took a while to manifest itself. I don't think it's related to anything you might have done.

    Your best bet is to call Apple or take it by an Apple Store if you have access to one. Whatever the problem is, it is covered by the warranty. I don't know if you would need to send it off for repair or be able to get a replacement, since you're very close to the 2 week return window. Probably back up your data before taking it in or sending it off. But you do need to talk to Apple about it.

    Good luck!
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    Oddly enough, it has gone away, and once again, I don't know the condition which caused it go away. Thanks for the help. I'm putting Apple on notice
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    Looking at your photos again, it looks like the line is red rather than white as I first thought. In that case, it could be that the row of pixels just got stuck, although I don't know what would cause that. I have heard that stuck pixels can sometimes be unstuck by touching them.

    It doesn't hurt to report this to Apple. If it becomes a chronic problem, it will have to be dealt with somehow.

    Good luck!
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    I would still send this in for repair in case the problem comes back. Definitely do it before your warranty is up, because you know it will come back the day after the warranty expires .
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    I have exactly the same problem on my less-than-one-year old MacBook Pro. Vertical lines started to show up on my screen the day after I install Leopard.

    Usually is one line, blue or green, one pixel wide. The location of the line is not the same. One day is one side, other day other place, another color. Usually the line appears when I boot the computer and remains for about 5 minutes, then it disappears.

    I have a picture too, but it looks exactly like the ones Karajabola posted.

    I'm not sure if it is hardware, since the line don't show up in the same place. As I mention before, it happened for the first time the day after I installed Leopard.

    Any thoughts?
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    If you're experiencing those vertical lines on your display, and your laptop is still under warranty....Take it in to Apple to have it checked!!

    It could very well be a faulty logic board. You do not want to see the bill for a new one if your laptop acts this way out of warranty.

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    I have the same problem with my macbook pro 15. I've already send my Macbook to apple I hope that they could solve the problem.
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    This kind of symptom is typically related to a failure of a TAB bond. The TAB bond is where copper wires attach to the conductors on the glass substrate of the LCD. It's prone to failure. Don't be fooled by its come-and-go nature and think that it won't return. And don't let a year lapse and have your Book go out of warranty.

    It's a hardware problem and the display will have to be replaced. Not cheap.