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In iTunes, my podcasts are sorted in ascending order according by the Release Date field. I've also made sure that the different parts of a certain podcast episode has proper Track Numbers.

However, on my 5.5G iPod, the podcasts are sorted in a descending order (newest first) which plays everything backwards (i.e. a podcast with 4 parts play's part 4 first).

How can I change the sort order of my podcasts on my iPod?

I've noticed that even if all my podcasts have been given Track Numbers (usually 1-4 per episode), when they play on my iPod, it says "1 of 1" instead of "1 of 4" etc. Why is that?

Also, the most annoying thing is that after a podcast has played, I'm thrown out back to the main Podcast Menu. I then have to go back into Podcasts, choose the Podcast folder and then choose the next podcast to listen to. Very weird behavior.

My iPod is set to automatically sync with iTunes, so I can't change anything in iPod playlists in iTunes

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