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I've had my Touch for a few months now, and it's been fantastic. But I ran into an unfortunate problem a few days ago that won't let me connect my Touch to Itunes.

Anyhow, this is what happened. I was playing a game of backgammon on the ipod, when it all of a sudden froze.. omgz what should i do? So I reboot the Touch by holding the 2 buttons for 6 seconds; yada yada yada, I thought everything would be back to normal, but it wasn't.

It goes on this screen which shows a usb and itunes logo... so i assume it wants me to connect to Itunes. So I attach my ipod to my computer, the computer recognizes it, so does itunes... but here is where the problem lies. Itunes won't recognize my ipod unless I put the passcode in... which would be no problem if i was able to get to the passcode screen, but I freakin' can't do that because the ipod won't show anything but that usb-itunes screen.

So I'm basically stuck in a loop of uselessness, and I only have that 1 year warrenty that comes with the ipod... which doesn't have phone support.

The ipod is not broken, but rather a glitch in the programming imo. Not to mention, why the **** doesn't the touch have a h/w total reboot button?

a plan of mine was to dl an older version of itunes and see if it would still ask for the passcode, but i thought i might ask you guys first.

thanks in advance..


Dell Insperion, Windows XP
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    Backgammon on the web?
    If not, you're jailbroken, and we don't support those here...
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    what's jailbroken?

    i play the webapps
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    Disconnect the Touch.
    Now, hold the Home button in - and keep it in while you connect it again.
    You should be able to force a restore.
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    is there another possible way to keep my songs and current info on there. My computer had a hardware failure and i lost most of my music, not to mention i had lots of important dates in my calender.

    otherwise, i'll go through with this.
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    I hate to sound skeptical, but I've never heard of so many dead hard drives as I have in this forum.
    Do you own this iPod?
    Sorry to ask, but this is the kind of post that just gets all the wrong vibes in me...
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    It's mine, I purchased it mid-november. It's been golden up till a few days ago.

    and once again, the ipod seems to be fine... just that i can't put in my passcode because it keeps telling me to attach to itunes, but i can't do that because i need the passcode which the itouch won't let me put in. Just seems like weak programming.. but who am i to say.

    the HD failure is because dell computers are bad, and I'm probably gonna switch to a mac sometime this summer.
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    OK, and again, sorry.
    There have been a few posts here that I know were stolen or "found" iPods, and I get really mad about that.
    I'd do the force-restore as I posted before.
    It will impress upon you to backup your data.
    It's a tough lesson, and I don't say this to rub it in - just that it's very important, and it's so cheap to do.
    Get an external hard drive, and start doing it.
    Your time alone is worth the cost.

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    I really appreciate this Scott.

    When I was originally making this thread, I realized it did sound very shady but i had no choice. I had backed up alot of my music on my HDD, but than my comp crashed 1.5 months later again... and I had gotten a fair amount of music in that span.

    Anyhow, lesson learned... thank you very much for the help

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    Good luck, and report back.
    Also, the Mac is a sound idea
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    it still won't work

    this is message it gives me

    iTunes could not connect to the iPod "iPod" because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPod before it can be used with iTunes.

    I held the home button as I was connecting, but this message keeps popping up.
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    Can you get it to shut down first?
    Do that.
    Make sure it's disconnected.
    Hold the HOME, not the sleep button (Home is on the front) and try again.
    TO shut down, hold the SLEEP button until you get the prompt.
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    Alrighty! It's been restored and updated to the new firmware.

    my problem was I didn't shut it down fully before i was connecting.

    It has a bit of a different look to it, but very awesome.

    thanks for the support.

    have a great rest of the weekend.
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    Glad to hear that.
    Have a great remainder of your Easter.