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I've had my Touch for a few months now, and it's been fantastic. But I ran into an unfortunate problem a few days ago that won't let me connect my Touch to Itunes.

Anyhow, this is what happened. I was playing a game of backgammon on the ipod, when it all of a sudden froze.. omgz what should i do? So I reboot the Touch by holding the 2 buttons for 6 seconds; yada yada yada, I thought everything would be back to normal, but it wasn't.

It goes on this screen which shows a usb and itunes logo... so i assume it wants me to connect to Itunes. So I attach my ipod to my computer, the computer recognizes it, so does itunes... but here is where the problem lies. Itunes won't recognize my ipod unless I put the passcode in... which would be no problem if i was able to get to the passcode screen, but I freakin' can't do that because the ipod won't show anything but that usb-itunes screen.

So I'm basically stuck in a loop of uselessness, and I only have that 1 year warrenty that comes with the ipod... which doesn't have phone support.

The ipod is not broken, but rather a glitch in the programming imo. Not to mention, why the **** doesn't the touch have a h/w total reboot button?

a plan of mine was to dl an older version of itunes and see if it would still ask for the passcode, but i thought i might ask you guys first.

thanks in advance..


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