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Hi, after my last post, who PT helped me with, my iPod worked fine. Then, it wouldn't sync so I restored it, which apple said would help. Now when I plug my iPod into my computer, it doesn't show up in iTunes. Can anyone help?

Compaq Presario SR2034NX, Windows XP
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    no help needed, i went to the genius bar at the apple store and they fixed it.
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    We're having the same problem with the ipod shuffle not being seen after start on the MAC. If we plug it in when the system in live the apple sees it and life is "good". However if it is plugged in when the system boots 1) it takes a horrendously long time to boot (almost think it is hung) and 2) once the boot is complete, the ipod doesn't show as connected to the system.

    Any clue what the guys at the genius bar did?