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I've tried downloading Windows Media Viewer, StuffIt Expander, and Adobe Reader however when I do I receive an error message as follows (example is for the StuffIt Expander -similar message for the other programs): Safari could not download the file "nstuffitexp12.01.dmg" because there is not enough free disk space.
There is PLENTY of free disk space on my hard drive. The hard drive has 20 GB of Used space and 129 GB of Available space.
A few simple fixes I've tried, that did not help: I cleared my Cache, I emptied my Trash, I restarted the computer. (sorry, I'm a Mac novice -not sure what else to try)
What's wrong? How do I download these files??

I would like to open Window Media Viewer files (.wmv) and Adobe Reader files (.pdf) so I need these programs on my computer.
So as a secondary question, is there a program for Macs better suited to open and view .wmv and .pdf files?

Please help with my download / free disk space problem, this is driving me crazy (for hours now). Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
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    Mac OS X can open pdf files fine without Adobe's bloatware, they open by default in TextEdit - the whole of OS X's display system is actually based around pdf technology so it's easy for the system to integrate pdf tools. There are alternative tools available on MacUpdate but for reading TextEdit is fine.

    wmv files should be opened with the Flip4Mac Quicktime plugin, Microsoft no longer support their own player on Mac and even supply the F4M plugin from their own download pages.

    For Stuffit files (which are thankfully much rarer these days) I'd use The Unarchiver instead of Allume's fat cat.

    To fix the other problem you could try changing your download location in Safari preferences, General - it may be that the location you are downloading to has the problem. You can pick anywhere you like just to test it out.
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    Brilliant! Thank you so much for your speedy answers to my questions!!

    My inability to download files was my biggest, most pressing problem and your suggestion resolved the problem instantly. Instead of having Safari download to the Desktop I created a new folder within my Home folder and now files download to the new folder without issue. What a relief!! (Not really sure why files suddenly will no longer download to the Desktop, but that doesn't matter because the new location works fine and is a better location for new downloads anyway.)

    Yes, .pdf files open great with TextEdit, the Flip4Mac Quicktime plugin works great for the .wmv files, and The Unarchiver was another great suggestion. All a great help, thank you again! I really appreciate it.