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Can anyone tell me how to direct to a certain homepage instead of to the webserver documents folder...That seems to be where the browser goes..i dumped everything out of there and put in my homepage because the apache default page was coming up... unlike the os9 system which i just switched from...
I used to choose where the homepage was and from which folder..can i choose the folder other than the webserver folder??Cause i can't see how yet..i'm still trying to tame the tiger...
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    Typically /Library/Web Server/Documents is where the home page for your "entire" computer is served from.

    Each user can also have a personal home page and it would go in the "Sites" folder inside their home folder. The URL to reach a user's personal home page will be:


    Substitue the actual user ID for "userID" and note the "~" tilde in front of the userID.

    If you want to change the locations of either a user's Sites folder or the computers /Library/Web Server/Documents then you'll have to learn a little about Apache web server administration, and look at modifying /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and or /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf

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    Thanks for your info...I have no problem with reaching the computer address but i can't reach the username address for some reason...it just says you don't have permissions... yet i check the folder under get info and all looks well?

    I would prefer to have it under username instead of the webserver folder but cant get in
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    This is what it says when i try to access my username address under the personal web sharing address they show you in the sharing panel


    You don't have permission to access /~myuserid/ on this server.

    Apache/1.3.33 Server at macintosh.local Port 80

    But the computer address works fine....the one that goes to the webserver folder/documents
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    Sounds like perhaps the "Sites" folder in you home folder has incorrect permissions. Ther perms on "Sites" is a little different from most other folders in your home. Here's what mine shows in Terminal:

    iMacHerman:~ steve$ ls -lad Sites

    drwxr-xr-x 5 steve steve 170 Dec 23 2004 Sites

    Specifically, Group and Other need read and execute access on the folder. This should fix it if it's not right:

    chmod 755 /Users/youruserid/Sites

    Subfolders inside "Sites" will need read/execute for Group/Other just like the Sites folder.

    The html files, images, etc. inside Sites or subfolders also need read access by Group and Other. For example, this will set the correct perms on "index.html":

    chmod 644 /Users/youruserid/Sites/index.html

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    Thank you steve...I just bought this mac and haven't yet traveled inside the terminal...but i guess i should get cracking...
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    Maybe I'm reading the original query differently, but why not go to Safari Menu>Preferences>Home Page and put in whatever web site you want? I just switched my home page yesterday that way. Of course, other browsers would differ somewhat but the principle is the same.
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    Oh no! it wasn't the homepage in the safari...it's about web sharing and having the homepage you want to come up as part of your website from your mac...in my old imac, web sharing was very simple for pointing at which folder and home page you wanted to select from the file sharing control panel in os 9..

    it's all new to me that's all...still taming the tiger...TY for the info
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    Although it may have been easy or slightly less confusing to get web sharing up and running in OS 9 I think you'll find that the Apache web server that comes with OS X is an "industrial strength" web server.

    You should be able to go here to begin reading about how to administer it:



    [Edit] the above link doesn't seem to be live, but you ought to be able to copy/paste it into your browser or simply look in your local /Library/Documentation/Services/apache folder and you'll find the Apache documentation in html format.
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    Ok ty i will start reading up on it