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I've created a sitemap using the Rage Sitemap Automator and uploaded it to my idisk. When I check with Google Webmaster Tools, I'm getting the following errors:

URL not allowed
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location:


the same error message appears for

http://web.mac.com/Pricingand_Contact_files/widget1markup.html (there are actually three widgets on the page, all with the same error message).

The explanation that Google gives is:

Google has detected some URLs that appear to be at a higher level or different domain than the Sitemap file location. If you receive this error, try moving your Sitemap file to a higher location in your site and submitting again.

My sitemap is where it's always been, so I don't understand why I'm now getting this error.


If I need to manually make changes, I have no clue how to go about it. Thanks for any help!

imac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I don't see your user name in that URL. Your site map should be in your Web/Sites/SiteName Folder. The path to it for Google would be http://web.mac.com/username/site
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    Thanks for your replay. I moved the sitemap to my username/site folder, although I had learned in a previous thread that wasn't necessary unless I have more than one site (I have only one).

    I can view the sitemap @ http://web.mac.com/timecapsulevideo/Video_Editing/sitemap.xml

    However, I am still getting the same warning from Google as in the previous sitemap location.
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    If you have your sitemap.xml in iDisk/Web/Sites/Video Editing, That's where it should be. Make sure it's not in any sub folders of Video Editing. To submit your site to Google using the Webmaster Tools, the URL should be web.mac.com/timecapsulevideo/Video_Editing. Make sure you also have the Google Verification File in the same folder as your sitemap. If you are doing all that and it still does not work, hopefully someone else will jump in and help.

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    This is based on assuming your .Mac username is timecapsulevideo and your site name is Video Editing
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    in fact you misunderstood what Joe was telling you.

    You don't need to put the sitemap in the site folder, you shouldn't do that.

    The problem is here:
    amagel1 wrote:
    http://web.mac.com/Pricingand_Contact_files/widget1markup.html (there are actually three widgets on the page, all with the same error message).

    in that url the username is missing.
    It should be
    same for all the other snippets.

    Rebuild your sitemap entering your url ( http://web.mac.com/timecapsulevideo/ ) on the following page and hitting start

    Once it's done download the xml file.

    Put it in your iDisk/web/sites/ folder and the error should be gone (at least when I try to make a sitemap of your site the previously mentioned error doesn't appear anymore in it)

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    l have 3 iWeb Sites in my Sites folder. 2 of which have sitemaps, that are placed in the corresponding Site folders. So are you saying that with one site only, a sitemap.xml file should be in the Sites Folder. Hope that makes sense.
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    Hi Joe,

    as far as I know if you put a file into a Website folder the next time you hit Publish in iWeb the file gets deleted from the Website folder and you have to put it back in (same happens publishing to a folder).

    This doesn't happen if you put it into the Web/Sites/ folder (or in the folder you publish to from iWeb). That's why I say that publishing one site the sitemap should be dropped in the web/sites/ folder. So you don't have to re-put it in each time you hit Publish. I often publish without changing the sitemap and don't have to reupload it each time, it stays where it is.

    (I have about five sites and use the same sitemap for all as they are connected to each other in some ways)

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    Okay, I followed your instructions, and it was a Google success!

    I'm dismayed that I have purchased the Rage Sitemap Automator, because that is where I created the sitemap that didn't work properly. I had thought that using that program would create more comprehensive sitemaps, but apparently, I've wasted my money. I'll have to take my complaint up with them, I suppose. But, I wonder if others have had similar problems.

    Thank you Joe and Cedric,

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    That's great. I recently tried Rage and don't care for it for one reason; it doesn't upload the sitemap or verification file to iDisk. Not a deal buster for some, but I suggest you look at iMap. That's what I currently use and it produces a good sitemap. As for Rage, others use and like it.
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    That's interesting because the deleted sitemap & verification file drives me crazy, although I've got use to it. That was good advise to amagel1 for that reason alone. My three sites are not linked in any way, so I can't use the same sitemap. I think in the beginning I had the sitemaps in the Sites Folder and I was getting errors as to the location of the sitemap. So in the case of multiple Sites and sitemaps, is the Site Folder the correct place for them.