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I am on a 2 month old macbook pro (that is completely updated as of 3/25) with usb 2.0 and I do not use a usb hub. I purchased my iphone in November with 1.1.1 and just updated it to 1.1.4. I do not have any hacks or jailbreaks on it.

This week I attempted to sync the iphone and it first gave me the error that it timed out and couldn't be done. Two days ago I was able to sync it just enough to run a full restore and then the problem just got worse. Now connecting it just crashes itunes after giving me alternating 0xE8000001 and "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "" because an invalid response was received from the device."

I have searched around and tried everything and nothing has worked. iTunes will only recognize the iphone after I have restarted the computer, and after that it won't sync--saying that it timed out.

Please note that I have been using this phone with this computer for 2 months without any trouble so this is not a hardware problem with my computer.

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2.4ghz core 2 duo 2GB
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    interesting how most of the update erros I see occur in phones that have missed updates.... ie: 1.1.1 update to 1.1.4

    anybody else notice this?????
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    In my searches I haven't seen that, but this was happening with 1.1.1. I updated to 1.1.4 because of the problem hoping that it would solve it. It did not.
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    You should try the troubleshooting steps in this article first:

    If that doesn't work, you can also reset your sync history. To reset your sync history, open iSync. Choose iSync > Preferences, and then click the Reset Sync History button.

    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.
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    I have tried it with 2 ipod cables in the two usb ports directly into my computer.

    There are no other devices connected to my computer, and it's been through several restarts.

    I have already tried resetting the sync history in isync before posting here.
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    Hi Ellie,

    I JUST had the same problem, however, mine turned out to be a faulty dock. There's a few other suggestions people tried that may work for you:

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    Okay, I have a partial solution:

    I downloaded and reinstalled itunes.
    In the iphone, go into settings>general, and turn screen lock to never.

    Close itunes.
    Turn off iphone.

    Open itunes.
    Plug in iphone (without turning it on before, it will turn on when you plug it in).

    At this point the phone was detected and it synced. For every time you ned to sync just repeat.

    Don't forget to turn the screen lock on the iphone back on when done with syncing.

    I haven't tested this against the errors, but I've been able to sync it now 3 times without errors.